Monday, August 31, 2009

New Blog for kicks!

Since I have a Mac, I've decided to use it as it was meant to be used. It can do all this stuff for me and synch right up with my photos, music, documents, etc. So i'm trying out a new blog for a couple of months before deciding which one I'll stick with. Check it out and let me know if its as easy to follow as it is to use.....

I won't let the other one go b/c its got my journaling on it from our trip and a year's worth of updates but this new one is SO easy.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fort Beach Fest

This past weekend, David and I went down to Granny's beach house in Myrtle Beach and invited some friends to join us.  With the short notice and the busy times of summer, only a few couples stayed but we filled the weekend with laughter, relaxation, playing like kids, cooking and soaking up some rays.  Friday night, David and myself, along with Brian Shelburne, Liz, and Lance Lomax grilled out steaks, vegetables, baked potatoes, etc.  Everyone stayed up late talking and coming up with ways to save the world.  Saturday, Lance fixed an unbelievably good breakfast of eggs, sausage and biscuits and the rest of the day was full of pool time and subsequently pool games, laying out, the beach, reading, etc.  My folks, along with Alex, Becky, Karina & Kileigh came by and hung out at the beach with us for a while.  It was fun watching Kileigh take in all the sand, water, etc.  She is not the biggest fan of the water just yet....but knowing her family, she will have no choice but to learn how to enjoy it.  :)  Saturday the party expanded to Katie Lomax, Stephanie & Sid Miller and Mary & Brent Wheatley.  We had planned on going to Aspen Grill (Curry & Jen's restaurant) but after laying out all day, no one really wanted to go in and "get ready".  So the guys went to the store and picked up some burgers and dogs and we grilled out once again.  We had the best time hanging out with everyone.  Some of the guys (and Liz) stayed up late talking but most of the girls (and Lance) shut it down by midnight.  On Sunday, we did more of the same....hung out at the pool, watched tv, talked, read, etc.  Around 6pm that night, we had cleaned everything up, packed up and drove down to PF Chang's to eat dinner with Sid & Stephanie.  It was a great weekend and we are so blessed to have great friends to spend time with.  I wish that everyone could have been there the whole weekend but there will be more opportunities to do that!  All the pictures are on my facebook page, but i'll post a few of the good weekend, Louie, Janice, David and I head to Atlantic City to see Jimmy Buffett and hang out back stage....David and I don't know how we are getting there yet (i'm a slacker) but we'll be there for sure!  I'll blog about that when we get back.....

As for everything else in the Fort household- Jackson & Maddie still run the house and are doing fine.  The other 5 dogs are chillin' at the farm and enjoying their time outside of the kennels.  I should go visit them soon b/c I haven't seen them in a while.  

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Where does the time go?

I am having a hard time keeping up with this blog and for all the faithful readers, I apologize.  Hopefully all 2 of you will forgive me.  My last post was about New Orleans, moving Matt & Carly and meeting Grey.  After I left NOLA, I drove up to Birmingham, AL for Andy Penuel's wedding.  He married Lauren Holdefer of Tuscaloosa and it was quite a fun wedding!  They got married at The Sonnet House and it was a beautiful place.  It stormed like crazy so the original plan of having an outside wedding was nixed.  In record time, they had a chapel-type building (maybe the old stables that have been completely renovated?) set up and ready for the guests.  Lauren's dress was BEAUTIFUL and Andy looked awesome in his tux.  Louie was a groomsman and he, too, looked nice all gussied up.  The reception was fun and decorating the car was quite entertaining.  The happy couple spent the following week in Gulf Shores, AL and plan on going on a cruise around December.  

To see all the pics from Birmingham, click below:

After getting back from B'ham, which included a pedal to the metal drive from B'ham to Charlotte....grabbing a quick dinner with Matt, Carly & Grey and making my way on back to the beach, I was GLAD to be home.  The next week was the daily grind at work but this past weekend was something special indeed.  Shane Wallace called us Friday to see if we would be interested in taking a boat ride from Little River to Murrells Inlet on Saturday...spending the night and making our way back on the ICW on Sunday.  After coming up with NO reasons to NOT do it, we were in.  We met Shane and Bekah on Saturday at Poo's, boarded our "ship" and headed south.  There is something so primitive and undeniably cool about traveling by boat.  Anywhoo....we made it to MI and Lindsay picked us up to go get ready for Britt's cook out.  We grilled burgers and dogs and hung out at Britt's house before making our way to Pawleys Island Tavern and later to the Hot Fish Club.  Good times had by all and a nice, relaxing boat ride back to Little River on Sunday.  Weekends like that truly make me love living at the beach!

To see pics of the boat trip, click below: