Sunday, November 25, 2012

All that I'm Thankful For...

I've decided that there is no way for me to accurately list, tell or even comprehend all that I am thankful for.  There are so many wonderful blessings in my life that summing it up in a blog post seems unfair.  All I can do is thank God DAILY for all that I have and all that I do.  This Thanksgiving was a little different than years past.  This was the first Thanksgiving without Granddaddy Raynor and of course, the first Thanksgiving with our little Turkey, Drew.  The Raynor's all got together for Thanksgiving but because of a kitchen renovation, they decided to go to Cracker Barrel in Dunn for lunch before heading back to Aunt Ann's house for coffee and dessert.  We did not go, since we didn't think Drew would appreciate a 2+ hour drive, a loud restaurant and another 2+ hour drive.  Actually, I don't think I could handle it with Drew.  So we stayed around the house and let Drew nap and play here before heading to the beach house in Myrtle to have Thanksgiving dinner with David's family.  It was a great time and Drew got lots of love and kisses.  We had oysters, turkey, dressing, casseroles and collards.
YUM-MY. Of course, our little turkey goes to bed really early so we had to scoot out before the smores over the fire pit (I was way more bummed about that than anyone else in my car) but getting Drew home before an epic meltdown is a priority.  My parents came into town after doing the Raynor Thanksgiving also.

Friday, we enjoyed a day around the house.  No crazy shopping stories here.  Well, unless you count the trip to Ace Hardware, CoCo and Company (Bekah Wallace's shop) and Lowes Food.  I did score some AWESOME vintage, rusty locker baskets that I have big plans (and no time) for.  Mom picked up a great little red rocking chair and a great (and heavy) yellow step stool.  My kind of shopping.

We came home and played with the wild man after he finished lunch.  He is ON THE MOVE.  Everywhere.  He went down for his afternoon nap and I started packing up the fall decor and getting out the Christmas decorations.  I don't normally do it this early but HELLO....I had extra hands on deck and a free day??  Given my next few weekends (home meet and NYC) I had to get it done now or never.  With my decorations nearly complete, it doesn't even bother me that Frosty the Snowman is on tv while I type this.  Although Drew goes to bed at 6:30ish, and still takes 2 good naps a day, I am so looking forward to his awake time with all the Christmas fun to be had.  After nap time, Drew and Papa sat on the front porch while mom and I hung the outside garland.  We all came in and chased that little boy around until he just got mad.  We put him in his high chair to eat and realized he must have been starving.  Instantly stopped fussing and ate a healthy dinner.  Towards the end of dinner, I heard Jackson move on his bed (as though he was going to get up)....then nothing.  Dad must have noticed something and said "What's the matter Jackson" and went over to him.  I asked (from the kitchen) if he was okay and Dad said, "No." I ran over to him and Jackson was having a seizure.  I freaked a little but found my phone and tried to call any vet I could find that was still open.  My hands were shaking and couldn't think straight.  Dad stayed with Jackson and Mom bounced between them, Drew (still in the high chair thank goodness) and me (who, admittedly, was crying and trying to hold it together).  It was interesting to see Drew see me cry.  He seemed confused and I'd like to think a little compassionate.  He definitely knew that I was upset.  After what seemed like FOREVER, but was probably a couple minutes, the seizure stopped and Jackson slowly started to seem like himself.  He eventually was able to get up and get water and wanted to go outside.  I went downstairs with him and finally got a hold of his old vet in Little River.  They haven't seen him in over 5 years and just told me to keep and eye on him and to comfort/be with him if it happens again. I did NOT like to see my oldest baby like that.  AT ALL.  Jackson is my buddy through and through and I am not ready to see him grow old.  It still kind of breaks my heart and every move he makes tonight turns everyones head.  After that stressful event, I decided to do an activity with Drew that I'd been planning for a long time but just didn't have (make) the time to get down and dirty and do it.  I will admit that it could have been a disaster had I been by myself but it was a perfect 15 minute messy end to the day and a perfect lead in to his bath time.  It was also a great way to smile after Jackson's little scary episode.  Yogurt + Food Coloring + Naked Boy = A Colorful Good Time.

Saturday, we got up with the roosters (literally, as we have 4 that live next door) and ate a small breakfast and played with Drew.  After Drew's first nap, we met Alex, Becky, Karina, Nic, Kileigh and Macy at Hoskins for one last grub-fest before they close down for the winter.  After lunch, Mom and I did some errands while Drew napped again in preparation for Saturday night's shindig.  Bop and July were hosting their annual Floatilla party and we got to their house around 4:00pm.  They had great food (boston butt, beans, slaw, potatoes, and banana pudding), great company and great scenery.  The flotilla started late, as usual so we saw about 8 boats before Drew and I packed it up for the night.  David stayed there and caught a ride home later that evening.  I love Bop and July's new Thanksgiving tradition!  I can't wait for Drew to enjoy it as much as we do.  

Sunday, we packed up early and took off for Southern Pines for family pictures.  Last year, I bought mom a gift certificate with Tim Sayer (Sayer Photography) for family pictures THIS year with all the grandkids.  We made a large task larger by incorporating all three families and the dogs into this certificate.  To say that Tim did a magnificent job would be an understatement.  And anyone that knows his work knows that he is nothing less than phenomenal behind a lens.  But to take great pictures with 9 people (3 of which are 3 or under) and 2 dogs.....sheesh.  Needless to say, I'm excited to see the results.  The little boys did awesome (thankfully we got to the Pines early enough for Drew to eat lunch and nap before this photo shoot)!  It was also a HUGE help that we had Becky, Kileigh, Karina and Paul there to help wrangle, act silly or just carry stuff for us.  We got on the road very shortly after we were done with pictures and fed Drew on the way.  He slept about an hour of the drive home and graciously got in bed after getting his PJ's on and bottle finished.

Karina snuck in a phone pic....just one of the many places we did pictures!

Such a good Thanksgiving for the Forts.....just a few weeks and we will be celebrating Christmas!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Recent Travels, Halloween and 9 Whole Months

Drew is 9 months old.....WHAT??  Unreal.  Drew was a goldfish for his first Halloween and he just couldn't have been any cuter.  Yes, I'm biased.  Yes, I was a dork and just bought the costume.  I really wanted to make him be a Taco but that meant ME actually MAKING the costume.  Just didn't have time for that.  Anyways, Drew got to wear his costume a couple times.  First, he went to the Halloween party at the Dunes Club.  It was Dad's first weekend alone with him and they made use of fabulous family nearby to help pass the time.  I was in Charlotte with about 18 kids, Melissa & Morgan.  We filled our weekend with the Gymnastics Tour of Champions, the Xtreeme Challenge Ropes Course and AW Shucks Farm.  It really was a fun weekend seeing all the girls outside of the gym.  I'm sure they got a kick out of us (the coaches) doing the ropes course as well.

Anyways, I don't have pictures of Drew's first halloween party, but I'm sure Aunt Jen does.  Drew had his 9 month appointment on Tuesday (10/30) and handled the shots like a champ.  Just cried for seconds and was over it.  Wednesday, Halloween day, we went over to the Wallace's and enjoyed some fun company, great trick or treaters and a cute goldfish flopping all over the floor.  Not to mention the chili and fabulous desserts.  We snuck out of the party rather early (goldfish go to bed around 7pm on a normal night but Halloween it was extended to 8pm....scary).  I've never heard a goldfish cry as loud as ours did on the way home.....I guess he was pretty mad we had to leave the party early. ;)  The Goldfish costume IS up for grabs next year and we made sure all of our non-baby-having friends were fully aware of that.  No immediate takers.  So far so good for Halloween stories.  

Since Sassy's birthday was 10/30, she and Papa decided to come to town this weekend.  We enjoyed having them here (extra help is always welcome).  I have come to realize that unless Drew is sleeping, I'm not getting any work done.  When he IS sleeping, I have to choose.....paperwork for the gym, laundry, dishes, cooking, picking up toys, catching up on email, watching tv, resting, or......whatever. You get the point.  I just don't get it all done and that is fine.  So it was nice having Mom and Dad in town to afford David the opportunity to hunt WHILE I was out doing something non-work related.  :) Even if that just means a trip to Walmart or Target.  Bop and July stopped by after Drew's afternoon nap and he really showed off all of his tricks for them.   Mom and Dad left after supper Saturday night and I got IN MY BED (showered and all) at 9:00pm (before changing the it was really 8:00pm)!!  Amazing.  AND Drew slept from 7p-7a with the time change.  Yee!  Today we enjoyed lunch with Granny Soo Soo at McAlisters before heading to Bass Pro Shops to see the fish and let David return something.  We did score a great hat for Drew and it will come in handy on some of these chilly days.  Anyways, another month down and this one is already going faster than I like.....