Sunday, December 14, 2008

Everyday is a Holiday

December is flying by as every other month seems to do but December is very different than any other month. There is the constant hum of Christmas music (which Louie started playing in the gym before T-giving), the mass of people in Walmart or Target, the weekend gas price inflation for beach go-ers and therefore, beach residents, there are holiday parties, tons of food, holiday photo cards (which I love), decorations, wrapping paper, great smelling kitchens and in our house, major puppy lovin.

We had our first Christmas party of the year last night at the McNeill's house in Whiteville. It also coincided with the annual Christmas party in downtown Wilmington which we hated to miss but its kind of hard to be in two places at once. This week, we have our gym's Christmas party along with the gym's staff party which is notorious for being hilarious and fun. Speaking of which, I need to buy a couple of gag gifts and am spent on ideas. Next weekend all the family Christmas festivities start and I'm pumped about seeing family and friends. Right after Christmas, I'm heading to Cancun for 5 days with 13 teenagers and a couple of coaches. YAY!

The dogs are all fine.....Maddie is still hateful to the puppies but they are very close to being her size and I think her "alpha-dog" will soon diminish. Jackson is still big and laid back and just recently had to be put on a diet. I diagnosed him with slight obesity and cut back on his food. I think he's been helping himself to Maddie's when she takes a break. That fatty. Hank & Reba are growing like crazy and are starting to be introduced to birds. David is getting their kennel ready at the farm and says they will be there full time shortly. I told him that I'm pretending they are going to camp and if I don't think camp is appropriate, they are coming back. I also said I wanted a web cam on them so I could check on them. I'll miss those precious faces! Anyways, they are cute as ever and here are some pictures from the weekend!

Monday, December 1, 2008


This title sums up everywhere that we were for Thanksgiving 2008. It was a fun (long) weekend with a lot of people that I love! We started out T-giving Wednesday night by heading down to Myrtle Beach to Soo Soo's house for dinner....ribs, squash, collards, sweet potatoes and my ever-so-yummy fake cake. Lissa, Todd, Jen, Curry, Soo Soo, David and I enjoyed some good adult time while the kids that were there watched movies or slept.

Thursday, we met David's family at the Dunes Club for Thanksgiving lunch....we enjoyed great food and great company and were told that we had the largest table of the day in the club. I think we totaled 17. I hung out down at Soo Soo's with Jen, Lissa, Soo Soo and Liza for the afternoon while David took some of the guys and kids hunting at Longwood. Thursday night we went to the condo in Little River to eat dinner with the Camerons. Alex, Becky, Karina, Nic and Kileigh stayed at the condo from Wednesday-Saturday, relaxed, shopped and had good quality time together. My parents came into town after visiting Clinton and met us there.

Friday, we (the girls: mom, Becky, Karina, Kileigh & I) shopped but didn't go out until close to lunch time. The boys started the day with us but eventually left in their own car. I (like a genius) WASHED my cell phone the night before so I had to spend an hour in Alltel trying to get a new phone. Luckily I'm not very popular with phone calls so I didn't miss much by not having a cell phone. Unfortunately, I did not have insurance (they talked us out of it when we started the plan...idiots) so to get a new phone was quite a financial undertaking.....they had a refurbished LG phone and its hot pink and for the price, I love it. I also got insurance :) Friday night we ate leftovers and went up to Par 5 to watch Justin, Paul and Tony of Mckenzies Mill play an acoustic show for Tina's birthday (Tina is the best bartender there). They did an awesome job and Tony might have been the funniest I have ever seen him.

Saturday, mom and I did a little more shopping (Becky & karina did too, but we were in separate places). Then we piled up 3 people and 4 dogs into mom and dad's car to head to Southern Pines. David decided to go to the State game by himself since they would be bowl eligible if they won and it was the last game at home. He had a good time and just met us in SP. The funny farm drove to SP for my ten year HS reunion. Speaking of reunions, it was awesome. I know some people didnt have the greatest of times but I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. a lot of people who i went to elementary and middle school with were there and it was so fun to reconnect with them. The class of 98 was a great group of people....very diverse, very different backgrounds and very different current lives, but we all get along so well and have a lot of fun together. Before the reunion we met up in Justin & Em's hotel room and a group of about 15 people met there before going to the reunion. It felt just like high school! After the reunion, we went to O'Donnel's to hear another acoustic gig by half of Mckenzies Mill. Beth Vinson came (yay) and stayed at my parents house with us so we got some quality time together too.

On sunday, david and i packed up the two little dogs (mom and dad wanted to keep Jax and Maddie) and drove to Clarkton for Thanksgiving lunch with David's grandmother Lib. It was fun to see Liza and Eli (both turning 2 in Dec. and Jan.) play and it was nice to catch up with that side of the family.

All in all, a great Thanksgiving. I absolutely love the holidays where I get to see a lot of old friends and family. It makes it really special and makes me look forward to the next time I get to see them.