Sunday, December 14, 2008

Everyday is a Holiday

December is flying by as every other month seems to do but December is very different than any other month. There is the constant hum of Christmas music (which Louie started playing in the gym before T-giving), the mass of people in Walmart or Target, the weekend gas price inflation for beach go-ers and therefore, beach residents, there are holiday parties, tons of food, holiday photo cards (which I love), decorations, wrapping paper, great smelling kitchens and in our house, major puppy lovin.

We had our first Christmas party of the year last night at the McNeill's house in Whiteville. It also coincided with the annual Christmas party in downtown Wilmington which we hated to miss but its kind of hard to be in two places at once. This week, we have our gym's Christmas party along with the gym's staff party which is notorious for being hilarious and fun. Speaking of which, I need to buy a couple of gag gifts and am spent on ideas. Next weekend all the family Christmas festivities start and I'm pumped about seeing family and friends. Right after Christmas, I'm heading to Cancun for 5 days with 13 teenagers and a couple of coaches. YAY!

The dogs are all fine.....Maddie is still hateful to the puppies but they are very close to being her size and I think her "alpha-dog" will soon diminish. Jackson is still big and laid back and just recently had to be put on a diet. I diagnosed him with slight obesity and cut back on his food. I think he's been helping himself to Maddie's when she takes a break. That fatty. Hank & Reba are growing like crazy and are starting to be introduced to birds. David is getting their kennel ready at the farm and says they will be there full time shortly. I told him that I'm pretending they are going to camp and if I don't think camp is appropriate, they are coming back. I also said I wanted a web cam on them so I could check on them. I'll miss those precious faces! Anyways, they are cute as ever and here are some pictures from the weekend!

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