Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas in NC

Its been a while since I posted anything and I was reminded of that yesterday (thanks lew)! I do love this bloggin' concept so hopefully I'll get back on the wagon through competition season. ANYWAYS....Christmas was great, as always! We spent the weekend before Christmas in Whiteville with David's family. There were a lot of people there since all of the cousins now live in the area or came down from VA. We had great food and great fun and its always nice to get together and let the kids go wild and adults catch up. Granny wasn't feeling to well so she stayed in her bedroom, but she was with us nonetheless!

We went to Southern Pines on the 23rd and did nothing that night. I wish I would have gone downtown because rumor has it that everyone who graduated from 1980-2008 was there. The morning of the 24th, David went hunting with a good family friend, Scott Newton and although he didn't see or shoot anything, he had a great time and looks forward to doing it again. I went to Klug's house to catch up with her and Nat and see Baby Hadley.

We walked in her neighborhood and I seriously think we walked 20 miles. It was probably only 5 but the beach doesn't have hills like Southern Pines does.

We went to church that night with the Camerons and had dinner at our house following that. Everyone went their separate ways that night as Cullen, Jen, Chris & Kelcey went to see Suzy & Jim in Cary.

We had fun watching Baby Kileigh open presents (she knows what she likes!) and enjoyed our family time together.

Christmas Day we opened presents and everyone loved all that they got. Dad even wore his new clothes (pants from me and shirt from matt) that day. Mom, Dad & I went to the Harrell's house for a bloody mary and good conversation since Matt & Carly weren't here. Matt has gone to their house on Christmas day for as long as I can remember so we felt we should continue that tradition. After that, we walked up to Anne & Wiley's house and were thoroughly entertained by all of their grandkids.

Then it was on to Clinton for the Raynor side of things. We decided to not do presents on that side of the family, so we just ate, visited with each other and left around supper time.

I took advantage of having a day of NOTHING on the 26th and shopped. I worked on the 27th & 28th, then headed back to the Pines to see some college friends. I met up with Em, Greg and Natalie and ate lunch. We were quite bummed that Em didn't bring her 1.5 year old boy, Nate, but he wasn't feeling well and they didn't want to suffer through 4 hours in the car with sick boy. So I don't blame them!

That night I drove up to Sanford to meet up with Alyssa & Jordan Krol, who I haven't seen in what seems like forever! I met them at their house and eventually their mom and stepdad got home and we all went out to dinner. They have two little brothers now (matt & danny) and they are so cute! It was really nice to catch up with them. Jordan is a cheerleader at UNC-Charlotte as a freshman and Alyssa is graduating high school this year. I coached them for a short time while I was in college and we have managed to stay in touch since then.

The next day, mom and I drove up to Chapel Hill to meet up with Matt who had flown in to interview at UNC Hospital. We walked up and down Franklin Street, walked all through campus, took pictures and eventually made our way to Southpoint.

That was after we spent a good chunk of time house shopping for Matt. We drove around and saw some good houses, some not-so-good houses and when it was all said and done and Carly had seen what we found, they decided they may get a townhouse or something. We had a good time with Matt & I hate I didnt get to see Carly (she didn't fly in until I was leaving for Cancun).

So, the Holidays were good to me......three trips home after a weekend in whiteville and I loved every second of it! Next time, I'll have to go out while in the Pines so I can actually see some of the old cronies.

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Emily G. said...

Did you take those two pics of the Old Well & Bell Tower? They are gorgeous! Hope you are liking your new camera/lens.

Will you email me the few pics we took by the Ice Cream Parlor?? Thanks! It was so good to see you btw!