Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gettin' Down on the Farm

Sunday was a beautiful day and we took advantage of it and took all the dogs out to the farm. We took a long walk, got some decent pics of the pups and Jackson trailed a deer for the 3rd time in his life. You would have thought he would have learned that he is not in shape to chase a deer, but his instincts took over and the dummy took off on a deer trail. He came back slowly, limping a little bit, proud of his accomplishment. What a guy. There are way to many pictures to post, so here is a slideshow!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Three Months Old and CRAZY

Hank & Reba are officially 3 months old....Yay! I feel like I can stop referring to them as a certain amount of weeks old now. They are funnier than ever and really love being outside....even in the frigid weather. We have brought them in every night this week to avoid the 20-30 degree temps so they are also getting pretty good at bladder control and crate training! They haven't peed or pooped in the house at all and we are letting them play a little when we bring them in instead of just shoving them in their crate. I will say that Jackson, my sugar-booger of a dog, was crate trained for more than the first year that I had him and I called the crate his "room". So last night, i told Jackson to go to his room and he literally crouched down and wiggled his way into the pups crate and plopped down, ready for night-night. Even when the pups tried to squeeze in so they could sleep, he wouldn't move! It was hilarious. and yes, I got pics!

So the puppies are learning the commands "here", "sit", and "no" and they respond very well to us, especially when we have chopped up hot dogs in our hands. They also know "kennel" which helps when its time to put them away. We have several toys for them but their favorite for now is a large duck that our good friend and dog sitter, Tonya, bought for them last weekend. They are also fans of the quail feather that david uses when he works with them. Like all puppies, their attention span is the size of a pea and their teeth are as sharp as razors so there is a little pain and annoyance with trying to train dogs at this age, but hopefully the results of it will far outweigh what would happen if we didn't work with them.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Okay, so my good friend and old roomie, Emily has a great blog that I check often to see what her, Greg and Nate are up to. www.thegivensfamilyintn.blogspot.com is her page if you want to check her out. BUT, she "tagged" me which is a totally new concept for me and blogging. The point is to go to your 4th picture folder on your 'pooter, go to the 4th picture and write 4 things about it. Then, TAG four other people to do the same. The picture that came up for Em was from my bachelorette party! It was of me, klug and em and I love it!!! My picture is actually from a recent wedding and is so cute:

About this picture:
1. This is my mom (sally) and Ella, her best 4-year old friend.
2. This was taken at our church in Southern Pines, where my family has been members since my mom was a young'n.
3. This was Ella's "Meme's" wedding.....Anne Ryder, one of mom's good friends .....she helped direct my wedding for those that were there.
4. Mom's favorite thing to drink is sweet tea and she saves her "to go" cups from other places so she can have "to go" tea whenever she wants. Even at one of her best friends weddings. :)

So now I pick 4 people to do the same..........
1. Carly
2. Jackie
3. Jane Hodges
4. Klug.....DO IT KLUG.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dirty Dogs

It seems like its been a while since I've reported on Hank & Reba....probably not since Watson left us! Anyways, I've gotten around to catching a few good pictures of the dogs (its much harder than you think). They are both doing well. Growing like weeds and getting more and more stubborn, smart, curious, and playful. David has worked with them a couple of days out at the farm on long leads....trying to enforce the command, "here or come". They aren't pros by any stretch of the word, but they are starting to understand. Especially when I have a dog treat in my hand. :) Most of the time they stay here at the house, in the kennel in the back yard. We let them stay out side all night this past weekend when they destroyed their puppy palace for the final time (I was so over cleaning it). So now they cuddle up in their dog house for the chilly nights and they constantly play in their kennel during the day. They are so funny to watch. They had a good time this past weekend with Jen, Curry, Liza and Steve visiting. David took all four dogs out to the farm on Sunday while I was at the meet and they ran and ran and played and rolled in something dead and played more. They are a mess! David managed to give jackson & maddie a bath b/c they stay inside but it got too cold to give Hank & Reba a bath. They don't stink (thank goodness) but man, they are dirty. No matter where they are (here or the farm), they manage to wrestle, roll, and waller in the dirt and jump all over each other. Therefore, its nearly impossible to keep them clean! David is working on their new home at the farm so they will be here until its finished. Anyways, enjoy the pics!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bye Bye Oysters

This week, we were lucky to have Jen, Curry & Liza Martin stay with us in Little River. (Jen is David's sister, Curry is Jen's husband, and Liza is their almost-2-year-old). We all had a good time although I worked the entire weekend because we hosted our first meet of the year. David, his dad and Curry got some good hunting and "farm time" in. Jen and Liza also went out to the farm as well as hanging out with Soo Soo and the Woodards. There was a nice dinner at the Dunes Club. There was the weekly tradition of Capt Poo's lunch on Thursday and Liza enjoyed seeing the "more more boats." I also took Jen and Liza to the gym so she could play on the trampolines, in the pit and on all the mats we have. We cooked oysters Friday night and Liza (who is very good with words) quickly learned the word oyster and upon her departure to bed, she waved to them on the table and said "Bye Bye Oysters!" I also learned that she loves breakfast and will want you to share your cereal with her. She says "cereal" really well! All in all, it was a great week! I wish I could have hung out more but hopefully they had a great time!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I hope Carly has the most wonderful of birthdays today! I talked to Matt earlier in the week and if she hasn't gotten her present, she'll certainly be happy after she does! Have a great birthday Carly and I hope to see you soon!!! Love you!!!