Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Okay, so my good friend and old roomie, Emily has a great blog that I check often to see what her, Greg and Nate are up to. is her page if you want to check her out. BUT, she "tagged" me which is a totally new concept for me and blogging. The point is to go to your 4th picture folder on your 'pooter, go to the 4th picture and write 4 things about it. Then, TAG four other people to do the same. The picture that came up for Em was from my bachelorette party! It was of me, klug and em and I love it!!! My picture is actually from a recent wedding and is so cute:

About this picture:
1. This is my mom (sally) and Ella, her best 4-year old friend.
2. This was taken at our church in Southern Pines, where my family has been members since my mom was a young'n.
3. This was Ella's "Meme's" wedding.....Anne Ryder, one of mom's good friends .....she helped direct my wedding for those that were there.
4. Mom's favorite thing to drink is sweet tea and she saves her "to go" cups from other places so she can have "to go" tea whenever she wants. Even at one of her best friends weddings. :)

So now I pick 4 people to do the same..........
1. Carly
2. Jackie
3. Jane Hodges
4. Klug.....DO IT KLUG.

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(Emily Givens) said...

Love the pick! I see where you get your "to-go cup" fascination. Loop anyone??

PS I considering tagging Klug, but then's Klug.... :)