Friday, November 21, 2008

Three Months Old and CRAZY

Hank & Reba are officially 3 months old....Yay! I feel like I can stop referring to them as a certain amount of weeks old now. They are funnier than ever and really love being outside....even in the frigid weather. We have brought them in every night this week to avoid the 20-30 degree temps so they are also getting pretty good at bladder control and crate training! They haven't peed or pooped in the house at all and we are letting them play a little when we bring them in instead of just shoving them in their crate. I will say that Jackson, my sugar-booger of a dog, was crate trained for more than the first year that I had him and I called the crate his "room". So last night, i told Jackson to go to his room and he literally crouched down and wiggled his way into the pups crate and plopped down, ready for night-night. Even when the pups tried to squeeze in so they could sleep, he wouldn't move! It was hilarious. and yes, I got pics!

So the puppies are learning the commands "here", "sit", and "no" and they respond very well to us, especially when we have chopped up hot dogs in our hands. They also know "kennel" which helps when its time to put them away. We have several toys for them but their favorite for now is a large duck that our good friend and dog sitter, Tonya, bought for them last weekend. They are also fans of the quail feather that david uses when he works with them. Like all puppies, their attention span is the size of a pea and their teeth are as sharp as razors so there is a little pain and annoyance with trying to train dogs at this age, but hopefully the results of it will far outweigh what would happen if we didn't work with them.


(Emily Givens) said...

Jackson is hilarious!! Love the new layout btw :)

Lora said...

I love the part about Jackson crawling into the pups crate! If my husband ever lets me get a dog, I want you to train him/her please :)