Monday, November 10, 2008

Bye Bye Oysters

This week, we were lucky to have Jen, Curry & Liza Martin stay with us in Little River. (Jen is David's sister, Curry is Jen's husband, and Liza is their almost-2-year-old). We all had a good time although I worked the entire weekend because we hosted our first meet of the year. David, his dad and Curry got some good hunting and "farm time" in. Jen and Liza also went out to the farm as well as hanging out with Soo Soo and the Woodards. There was a nice dinner at the Dunes Club. There was the weekly tradition of Capt Poo's lunch on Thursday and Liza enjoyed seeing the "more more boats." I also took Jen and Liza to the gym so she could play on the trampolines, in the pit and on all the mats we have. We cooked oysters Friday night and Liza (who is very good with words) quickly learned the word oyster and upon her departure to bed, she waved to them on the table and said "Bye Bye Oysters!" I also learned that she loves breakfast and will want you to share your cereal with her. She says "cereal" really well! All in all, it was a great week! I wish I could have hung out more but hopefully they had a great time!!

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