Building Our Fort

Drew Month 11
11 months is kind of anti-climatic in the fact department because I have no clue how much he weighs or how tall he is.  We don't own a scale so I can't even begin to guess what he weighs.  I do know that his size 3 diapers still fit and that is nice since we have quite a few on hand.  He is wearing 12 month (some 18 month) clothing and his 6-12 month clothes are getting young or flat out too small.  He hasn't thinned out but he doesn't look really chunky to me anymore.  Maybe that is because he is on the move or sound asleep....He rarely sits still anymore. He is crawling (fast), climbing, standing, cruising and pushing everywhere.  He can push his little reg wagon all over the house as long as it is in a straight line.  When he hits a wall/door/dog he stops and empties the wagon of all the toys while waiting on someone to turn it around.  He is still very interested in the air vents and we've only lost 1 ball and possibly 1 Old McDonald down the vent.  At least that is all we are aware of at the moment.  Speaking of balls, he loves any, football, ones that light up or have texture.  He can "throw" and "roll" (the 11 month old variety) and has actually engaged in a game of fetch with Maddie.  He also is loving anything with wheels.  Cars and trucks, big and small....he really digs 'em.  He likes his new drum from Louie and is starting to get the hang of what the drumsticks are for.  He tries to copy us when we do it but isn't super coordinated just yet.  He is starting a music class at the end of this month and I'm excited to see how that helps his development and coordination.  Really, Im just glad we have a fun activity to do together outside of the house that will (in the long run) be beneficial somehow.  As for Drew's "talking", it is what it is.  Babbling and sounds that probably mean something and are totally normal for his age.  No real words still, except for "Ba", "Ga", etc.  I think he understands WAY WAY more than we know because there are times when I'll say something to him and he responds correctly.  Crazy.  Of course there are also times where he "can't hear me at all" and totally ignores my request, "no" or whatever.  To say that I have a stubborn child on my hands is an understatement.  Thankfully that stubborn behavior is complemented with his very sweet and laid back personality.  We've experimented with food quite a bit this month and so far so good.  He handles textures fairly well and is getting better and better with finger foods.  The less the food is pureed, the longer it takes for him to chew and swallow so he gets bored quicker and doesn't want it.  I haven't figured out when to just stop with the baby food but I want to wait until he has more teeth before I give them up.  So far, his fav "real" foods are waffles, toast, ground beef, cheese, rice, yogurt, mandarin oranges, bananas, mango and pears. He loves the "green" puffs (kale, spinach, collards) and enjoys a small sippy cup of water after a meal.  He isn't walking yet, but acts like he doesn't really care.  I think he COULD, but isn't overly interested.  I'm not concerned as I know he will in time.  For now, I'll cherish the dirty knees on his pants knowing that he isn't growing up too fast.

Drew Month 10
My guess is he is 22-23lbs.  He seems to be getting taller and I only notice that more because is standing up all the time and some of his pants have taken a more euro-capri-like look to them.  For his benefit, I stash those away in the "too small" closet....WHICH, fills up way faster than I like.  Drew has pushed 2 new teeth out and as soon as I canwrestle catch a picture of them, I'll post it.  They are his top two and they are gappy and precious but they are sharp.  He is exploring more foods now, thanks to his new choppers and is consciously biting through foods with his teeth to start his chewing.  Recently, we've started eating more "real" food (ie- not baby food) and he enjoys it most of the time.  If its a first time attempt, it doesn't always go well, but I don't let that deter me.  Usually by the 2nd or 3rd time, he has it down pat.  Real fruit, cereal, cheese, soft (smashed) meats, small pieces of softer veggies.  He loves cheerios, gold fish, yogurt bites, "cookies"and his all time favorite might be a sippy cup of water. I wish I got that excited about water!  OH and thanks to my generous co-workers that we routinely eat lunch with, Drew also has an affinity for pickles and lemons.  He chewed on a pickle the other day like it was corn on the cob....or a popsicle.  Drew is crawling everywhere and that seems to be his preferred mode of transportation for now. He is quick to stand up on stuff but cautious when it comes to moving from his standing position.  He walks fairly well with assistance.....leads with his belly and wants to go way faster than he actually can.  He has definitely entered a stage where mama and dad are preferred.  He will certainly be held and can be left alone with others, but sometimes there is a wimper, whine or full out scream fest....depending on his mood and how tired he is.  The more he sees you, the more comfortable he is around you.  He is still babbling but I think he understands WAY more than he did one month ago.  He definitely knows what the following words mean:  No, bottle, eat, Mama, Daddy, Jackson & Maddie, bye, hi, kiss.  He says "bye" the most.....mainly because it means bye, hi and bottle.  He also can sign "all done" (which looks very similar to his wave b/c he rarely does it with both hands) and he is getting better with "more".  We are working on "please" and "eat" next.

Drew Month 9
I think the months go faster and faster as Drew gets older.  My dad has always said that, but now I understand it.  We had a busy month reaching his 9 month milestone.  Mama had her first weekend away and Drew had his first Halloween! He did great on my weekend away and I did too!  I took about 18 gymnasts to Charlotte for the weekend and we had a busy and fun time.  It was nice to get home and snuggle with my boys though.  As for Halloween, Drew was a goldfish.  So cute.  At Drew's 9 month appointment, we waited for what felt like FOREVER in the room and did everything from singing to dancing to playing peekaboo and patty-cake.  We ripped paper, yelled and listened to our echo.  Finally, the doc came in.  Drew came out with another good report and Dr. D commented twice on his wonderful disposition.  He weighs 21 lbs 9 oz and is 28.5 inches tall.  His head circumference is 47 inches.  He is in the 50th percentile for weight and height and is in the 90th percentile for his noggin.  Other than his stats being right on, Drew is also on track for development.  He is crawling (everywhere), pulling up to a stand (anywhere), babbling like crazy, waving HI or BYE, hitting things repeatedly if they make lots of noise, eating chunkier foods and throwing absolute fits on the changing table.  It is possibly the worst place on the planet to poor Drew.  He will squall and flip flop all over the place and as soon as you are done and pick him up, he is just as happy as he can be.  Ridiculous.  We are slowly realizing how unsafe our house is and the dogs are in for a totally new atmosphere.  Poking eyes, pulling ears, climbing onto their bed, climbing OVER a sleeping jackson.  Needless to say we have a very happy, active boy.  He still has just two teeth on the bottom and one has broken the gum up top.  I'm convinced that some of his recent crankiness is due to more teeth wreaking havoc on his gums.  His hair is also starting to show and it looks like he might have some wild cow-licks on top of his head. On his 9 month bday, I stressed and stressed about having to change the clocks back.  This sweet boys went to bed around 7:15pm Saturday night (about 15 minutes late) and slept until 7:00am.....Rock on cute boy.  It didn't seem to affect him too bad at all....let's hope it lasts.  :)  Taking monthly pictures is becoming a lot more interesting and busy.....its like being a defensive driver....i have to be VERY in tune to what HE is doing as well as take the picture.  Enjoy....we sure are!

Drew Month 8
I'm not sure what happened to Month 7 on this page, but I'll have to go back and fix that one day.  While I'm thinking about it though, I'll post what is up as of his 8 month birthday!  First of all, I can't believe he is only 4 months away from being 1!!  Crazy.  No doctors appointment this month (yay) so no update on weight.  We don't have a scale in the house so I can't even pretend to know....if I had to guess, I'd say 22lbs.  His head is still large but seems to have slowed down (or maybe his body is catching up to it?)  Either way, he is full of energy, life and love and we are so happy with him.  He is eating great....getting the hang of finger foods.  Cheerios probably being his favorite.  So far, there are no aversions to any food (veggies or fruit).  He enjoys yogurt as well.  I try to find different combinations of good, healthy foods and no matter how crazy the combination, he eats it like a champ. He is getting the hang of chewing and I think will be ready for bite size and softened portions of our food before tooooo long.  I'm not rushing him for sure, but he does take quite an interest in what we are eating.  It reminds me of the little old lady in Patch Adams that is in the pool full of noodles....i think that is what Drew would act like, if he could.  He is babbling a lot....hardly ever quiet.  "Mamamama", "Dadadada" and "Gagagaga" are his favorite words thus far.  I'll keep you posted on what they actually mean....but for now, the first two are so obvious.  It doesn't matter that he uses them interchangeably no matter who he is looking at.  He will imitate you if he can figure out what you are when he sees my Dad, he will go "HaHaHa" with a strong emphasis on the "H".  It's cute.  If you open your mouth, he will open his.....etc.  He is SO CLOSE to crawling and as much as I love NOT having carpet in this house, I DO wish we had a softer place for him to learn this trick!  He will get into the crawling position quickly in his crib and can maneuver around the crib like a cat.....but he doesn't do it as much on our floors (hardwoods aren't easy on the knees).  I don't' think it will be long though as he is serious about getting his hands on what he wants.  Still only two teeth but two more are quickly approaching on top.  Can't wait to see that toothy grin and maybe not have puddles of drool on everything he touches.  :)  Anyways, what a fast 8 months it has been.....

Drew Month 7
I hate that I skipped this month at the time.  I really don't remember exactly what he was doing at this point.  Everything happens so fast!  But, I did come across the pictures so I'll post them.  That's really the most important part, huh?

Drew Month 6
We went to the doctors for Drew's 6 month check up on 8/2/12 and he is growing just fine!  Everything checked out great again and we are so happy about that.  He weighs 18lbs (50%) and is 25.75 (50%) inches long.  His noggin is 17.75 (75%...he's growing into it!!).  Little man is sitting up like a pro, but in the event that he falls over to reach something, he acts like he is stuck on his side/belly/face.  He hasn't mastered getting INTO the sitting position just yet.  He'll get there, but for now, we are still cautious of what is around him when he is sitting.  He is eating great....formula, cereal, all sorts of veggies and fruits.  The doctor said to go ahead and do breakfast, lunch and dinner with solid foods.  I'm still recording everything he is eating so we can look back and track any problems we have.  So far, he LOVES pears, peas, squash, mango, broccoli, bananas, apples, prunes, sweet potatoes, etc.  Actually, there isn't anything he hasn't liked.  He has shown an interest in his toys like no other.....reaching, squealing, eating them, throwing them.  He has also formed opinions on what he likes/doesn't like.  He doesn't like the vacuum (especially when I get too close) and he doesn't particularly like it when he realizes that he can't see you. He hates his life jacket.  Tolerates his sunglasses.  Loves his paci and Sophie the giraffe.  He is starting to recognize people other than David and myself but so far, has no aversions to anyone.  He'll greet everyone with a big ole grin....most common grin-getter in our house? Jackson.  He loves that dog from what I can tell.

Drew Month 4
We went to the doctors this morning (6/5/12) for his 4-month check up!  He checked out just fine!  14lb 14oz (50%), 24.75 inches (50%) & 17.25in head circumference (90%).  He is rolling both ways, sitting up with some assistance.  Great head control.  Lots of playing with his toys on his mat or in his seat.  Sleeping through the night.  Eating fairly well.  We might start cereal soon and might have to start formula at one feeding a day (and in his cereal).  Talking, squealing and laughing.....He continues to grow and develop right on track!!  Love this little man!

Drew Month 3
No check up this month but the rate that Drew's clothes are "shrinking", I'm guessing he's doing just fine. Hard to believe he is 3 months old!  He is a sweet thing and I adore him more and more everyday.  His latest "tricks" (as Hadley Tate once told us to watch) are: smiling REAL big, cooing, "talking", rolling belly to back, holding himself up in a seal position, good head control, grabbing his pant leg and pulling it up, sleeping (hallelujah), peeing & pooping.  I think the last three might be most important as they usually mean he is healthy & happy.  He is starting to be awake and alert a little more but still likes his naps and most importantly, his night time sleep.  Colors intrigue him and he can lay on his mat and be thoroughly entertained for a good while.....he is also very entertained by the colors on the television.  I can't wait for his personality to develop over time!  Here are a few chair pictures!

Drew Month 2
Another good check up!!  3 shots and one oral vaccine later, we are home!  He weighed in at 12lb 2oz and was 22 3/4 inches long.  His head is 15 3/4 inches.  He is in the 50th percentile in all three areas.  David and I talked yesterday about he will likely be a very average sized kid.  Average is good enough for us!!  Anyways, here is his 2 month chair picture!

Drew Month 1

Drew's 2 Week Appointment
Thankfully we had another successful doctor's appointment for the little guy.  Our doctor said, once again, "He's perfect!"  It makes new parents feel so good to have a professional say that to you when you doubt everything you do with your child.  We feel so lucky to have a healthy baby and hope it continues.

2 week appointment stats (2/17/12):
Weight - 8lb 2oz
Height - 20.25in
H/C - 14.25in

The Birth Story & Weekend

What a weekend!  I know it's Wednesday (now Thursday) but I am still relishing in how fast life changed for us in a matter of minutes.  I'm also still catching up on sleep....even though it is in 3 hour increments.  I want to record our birth story so we always have was quite an experience!  If you are not into the details, feel free to scroll straight to the pictures or close this window all together.  Nothing overly gross occurred but I don't want to forget any moment of that day and the days that followed.

Of course Thursday was a hard day for me so I laid really low Thursday night in preparation for Friday.  David and I actually got some sleep Thursday night (I really didn't think I would) and we got up and made it to the hospital right at 6am.  I got called back to get prepped for surgery and David had to stay in the lobby.  Once we got certain things done, David came back to sit with me while we waited.  Once all the doctors came back to see me and talk to me about what would happen, plus getting my IV started, they wheeled me to the operating room.  The surgical team consisted of my doctor, some techs, an anesthesiologist, his assistant, and a labor & delivery nurse.  There might have been more people in there but I don't recall them. They were an energetic bunch...singing, dancing, etc. They really made the entire experience something I'll never forget.  My doctor proved to be an amazing surgeon and got after the job while singing "This is How We Do It"......I do remember hearing that song being sung....then hearing some jamming music on a stereo after the baby was out.  The surgery, in general, went well.  I got my spinal and immediately started feeling tingling in my feet.  It wasn't long before I couldn't feel my lower half at all.  They tested me to see if the spinal actually worked and as soon as it had, they got to work.  I remember thinking they were starting before David was there and told them they needed to get him.  I can't imagine what was going through his mind when he walked in and saw me laying there, with a sheet up at my chest and all those folks around me.  From the time David got there until Drew was with us was ohh.....3 minutes.  Literally.   I recall some seriously heavy pushing (sitting?) on my chest and upper abdomen and that was how they push the baby out.  Doc stuck his head up over the sheet and told David the umbilical cord was wrapped twice around his neck and immediately went behind the sheet and got back to work.  There wasn't any crying at first, then after what seemed like eternity, Drew's first cries.  They put him on oxygen for just a second because of the cord, but he didn't need much at all.  What originally started out as a necessary c-section because of placenta previa turned into some sort of divine intervention.....I'm not sure we would have Drew with us now if I had done a vaginal delivery.  Scary stuff to think back on but oh so thankful for the skilled work of our doctor.  All the while this was going on south of the sheet, the CRNA (nurse anesthetist) was up at my face keeping me posted and calm....she would gently rub my cheek or bend down and tell me what was going on so that I wouldn't worry.  She was awesome.  Her name was Cecilia and I'll likely never forget how she made me feel during that time.  Once Drew was out, David went and took pictures while Brenda, the L&D nurse took care of him.  She is another one we'll never forget.  David and Drew went to the nursery on the maternity floor while I was moved to a rolling bed and whisked away to recovery.  I stayed there two hours and got some rest while the feeling came back in my lower half.  I remember asking the recovery nurse if there was something on my legs.....they'd been on my legs the whole time but I was just able to feel it.  They were massaging wraps that prevent blood clots and they were so annoying after spending ALL day friday in them.  I also had a catheter inserted in my bladder which was nice when I couldn't get up to go to the bathroom.  It was really strange however, never having the sensation of having to pee or actually peeing.  Crazy.  After a couple hours and feeling back in my legs, they wheeled me up to the maternity floor and my room.  I finally got to hold my little boy and it was amazing!  He looked so little and so perfect.  The nursery took him back periodically to keep a check on him so Friday he was in and out of the room.  I had to try and nurse around lunch time and he did pretty good.  I guess colostrum is so important for newborns and I'm glad he got what he needed because it didn't feel good. We had a lot of visitors on Friday and when I think back, it was such a blur.  I was hooked up to an IV, a catheter, those go-go boot massage things, probably a little morphine and lord knows what else.  Every once in a while, the nurses would come in and check my incision and push on my stomach.  It was SO uncomfortable but ultimately helpful because they were pushing fluids out and helping my uterus drop back into place.  By Friday night, the nurses decided that maybe I didn't need the go-go boots and could try to stand up to use the bathroom.  My legs worked fine and eventually they unhooked the IV as well.  It made sleeping that night a much better experience, however as pain meds wore off, I started to really feel the trauma that my mid section went through that morning.  Sitting up to feed Drew was such a chore and getting out of bed to use the bathroom was a struggle.  BUT, by Saturday, I felt much better and was able to take a shower and put on real clothes.  We continued to have visitors....our parents, friends and a few kids from the gym.  My parents were in and out all weekend because of my Granddaddy's funeral that I was really bummed I had to miss.   Saturday went on without too many problems.  Same old routine with feeding Drew, the nurses checking on me and people in and out.  There was such a comfort knowing that Drew and I both were going to be very well taken care of in the hospital, but I was longing for the time we could go home and start "real life."  Sunday came and by lunch time, we were cleared to go.  It took a while to get discharged, but once we did, we stopped by Jen & Curry's house to let Liza & Margaret meet Drew for the first time.  It was hysterical.  Liza was enthralled with him and Margaret yelled, "He's my cousin?" and "Is he cute, Liza?" in her sweet, albeit loud, 2.5 year old voice.  They both held him and loved on him and yes, they both used plenty of "magic soap" before doing so.  Jen & Curry got their fill of holding a tiny little baby and we decided it was time to go home for real.  I was pretty exhausted, in a little pain and we just couldn't avoid the inevitable any longer.  David and I were on our own.  Thankfully, my parents planned to stay with us until Wednesday which was a God-send.  Having 2 extra set of hands when you are unsure of everything related to baby was really nice.  It was a roller coaster weekend for us all, but especially for my mom and dad (& me) with the death of Granddaddy and the birth of Drew.  I remember checking my watch Sunday afternoon as we drove home and it was 3:00pm on the dot.....the same time Granddaddy's funeral was was a tough time to be sitting in my car and not in Clinton but I looked over at Baby Drew and realized that this is where I needed to be.  The funeral was recorded and we have a DVD of it so I'll take some time to watch it and I can't wait for Drew to be old enough to hear stories about him.  SO anyways.....We were officially home Sunday afternoon.  Other than a very sleepless and restless first night, things have been relatively smooth.  I was so anxious having a baby in a small crib beside the bed and didn't want to take my eyes off of him for fear that he would stop breathing or miraculously roll over and suffocate.....I also had weird dreams that I was ruining whatever I was doing and would wake up startled and check on him.  It has gotten easier since then and last night was the best night thus far......I don't know if it's because I was able to get good sleep in 3+ hour increments AND still hear him cry when he needed me or if its because every time I changed him last night he DIDN'T pee or poop on me, but it was a better night.  I feel sleep deprived but do not feel totally like a zombie and for that, i am thankful.  Probably the hardest thing to adjust to at this point is his feeding.  I am nursing him and although I think it is going well, I don't think it is perfect yet.  It is painful and I am sore and I worry that he isn't getting what he needs.  But after an email to a good friend (Thanks Em!), I realized that what I'm experiencing is totally normal and even on the good end of the breastfeeding stories.  I also called a nurse in the nursery at the hospital this morning and she gave me some good ideas to try and assured me that Drew was not affected by my discomfort/bleeding/whatever.  If it became way too painful for me to handle, I could always pump the one side and have him feed off the other.  I'd rather him be able to use both, so I'm using that as a last resort.  Hopefully they will heal and I can be more diligent in making sure Drew is latching correctly and I'm comfortable throughout nursing instead of just dealing with it and counting down the minutes.

All in all, this has been a wonderful experience and one that will never end for us.  David and I constantly look at Drew and say things like, "You're so cool" or "You are just precious."  As big of an adjustment as this is going to be as time goes on, I couldn't be happier knowing that we have a healthy, seemingly happy baby on our hands and (cross your fingers, toes, eyes, whatever) a decent sleeper on our hands.  I know things change daily but I'm confident that we will know what to do and when to do it and Drew will be a great kid.

Drew's Stats:

Andrew Jennings Fort
7lb 8oz birth weight
19.5 inches

2-5-12 - Discharged from hospital
7lb 1oz
5.1 on the "billi" scale for jaundice (under 10 is good)

2-7-12 - First pediatrician appointment
7lb 13oz (fatty!!  Guess nursing is working!)
20 inches long

Final Four Weeks
The last four weeks of this pregnancy have been just fine.....I really haven't felt bad, tooooo uncomfortable, or toooooo tired throughout the whole thing.  I mean....I have nights where I can't sleep and I have days where I get tired of sitting, so I stand....then I get tired of standing, so I sit.....and so on and so forth.  My hands are swelling just a little but I notice it more at the gym or if I am sitting at my desk at home.  Basically, I'm most comfortable hanging out on the couch and when I feel too guilty to do any more of that, I feel best getting up and doing something.  I've sewed a couple pillows, hemmed some pants, done a lot of cleaning, fight the mountains of laundry that accumulate and try out new recipes.  I've packed a bag for the hospital....unpacked it and repacked it again.  I've got several different things for Baby Fort to wear home and I don't know if he'll fit into any of it.  It isn't a big deal to me at all, but as boredom sets in, I start doing that kind of stuff.  Oh, and online shopping.....seriously, I might have a problem.  Thankfully I put stuff in a cart, get busy and eventually forget about the cart.  As for my growing-a-baby-figure.....well, you can definitely tell I'm growing a baby.  The last 3 appointments, I've gained no weight.....but baby has, so all is well.  I've put on a total of 20lbs and thankfully can still wear some regular clothes to supplement the few maternity long sleeve shirts I have.  I was looking at pictures of this pregnancy.....back when we first found out and through the end of summer.....and never realized that I had a sort-of-flat stomach.  Looking down on it everyday, I've always been critical of something on my I look down and I can't see my feet, my belly button pokes out a little bit and I can barely touch my toes because the baby gets in the way.  Not to mention, when I stand back up....I see stars.  I used to only see stars when I would do gymnastics in my adulthood.  Woof.  BUT, it's all for a great cause and I'm sure I'll embrace all the changes yet to to come in my body while I try to nurse this little boy.  I can't wait to work out and get back into some sort of physical shape and USE MY ABS AGAIN.....but all that will come with time and I'm going to focus on all the other changes we are about to face in the very near future.  Anyways....pre-op on Thursday....C-section on Friday.  Here we go.....

This makes me giggle....David, at 38 weeks.  

38 weeks from the front

38 weeks + Jackson

Little Fort in there!

Nursery Pictures
The kiddo's room has definitely been a work in progress and although I'm fairly Type A, I am just now finished with the room.  Bekah Bishop Wallace took this project under her wing and really helped me come up with a style that fit my personality, budget, our house, etc.  It also has a design touch that only a professional could come up with.  Bekah owns her own shop in Calabash, NC (CoCo & Company) and is trying to also break into the residential design world in this area.  She has a knack for finding deals on one-of-a-kind pieces, making her own custom pieces and thinking outside of the box.  All the while, she is spot on when it comes to figuring out YOUR style and adding a lot of professionalism to the project.  A lot of what is in this nursery started as a slightly different idea and evolved into what you see.
Standing in the doorway....crib from Kangaroo Pouch, Light fixture basket from Tuesday Morning and pendant kit from Lowe's.  Sailboat on the wall above the crib was a gift from David to me when we were dating and I was living in the condo.  

Crib bedding....custom made this fabric! The circle fabric came from Knotting Hill and the orange fabric came from Fabric Showcase.  Also from FS was the crib skirt (subtle off white) and the light blue pillows on the twin bed.  The bumper and the big pillows are trimmed in rope.  

The crib and an old chair from David's Grandma's house

View from my rocking chair....Soo Soo's childhood bed set up as  a day/reading bed....The driftwood sconces are a Wallace Original....driftwood picked up on a "junking" boat trip....sconces from Lowe's and wired into the boards. Wire anchor was on clearance at Pottery Barn.  No good story there.  Pillows are a mixture of custom made, HomeGoods, home-made (by me) and one ordered from a blog I follow to raise money for a charity.  
Closer look at pillows....The bear is from Burns Heuber and I just love it. 

Standing in between the crib and day bed, looking into the closet.....kind of busy looking from here but oh well.  It is functional.  Rocking chair was David's Grandma's as well.  Dresser was black with silver handles and Bekah encouraged me to paint it using Annie Sloan Chalk paint and wax.  So fun.  Handles on dresser are from Anthro.  Oars were found discarded in a marina years ago.  Shelf on the left is a cheapo from Lowe's, hung by rope.  
We painted an old book shelf we had (oddly enough, I think I got it when the Bishop's moved from Pinehurst years ago).....Filling up with books and some sweet stuffed animals.  A Katie Daisy print sits on top. I LOVE Katie Daisy and have several of her prints.  There is something above the bookshelf on the wall but it got put up after taking these pictures.  You'll have to stop by to see it or wait until I take pictures in there next time.  

Left side of closet....this is now organized differently with DIY closet dividers for sizing help.  I searched and searched for ways to organize by size and ended up going through my scrapbooking stuff and doing it myself.  So easy and way cheaper (ie- free).  

The right side of the closet.  I'm standing at the dresser/changing table and obviously diapers are very handy in the plant containers we painted white and put in the wall.  Most stuff is labeled or obvious.  The baskets got re-organized yesterday as I ended up with a few more items to put away.  

36 weeks....T-minus 2 weeks
I am 36 weeks along today and feeling incredibly pregnant.  Slightly uncomfortable, sleeping is hit or miss and things as simple as breathing seem to be harder.  I have had a few days off of work since my girls went to Maryland for a meet and I was forbidden to go.  I was given the distance between Little River & (maybe) Pawleys Island that I was allowed to be.  Sheesh!  Doc is still holding out on giving me a date, however this Wednesday we might try to set one.  Since I haven't had any "problems" other than the location of my placenta, he hesitated to set a C-section date.  He doesn't want to jinx my good luck thus far.  Of course if something DOES happen (ie- bleeding, I go into labor, etc), then I go straight to the hospital and they will take the baby out.  SO, hopefully I've got two more weeks (trying to get to 38 weeks) but if it comes earlier, then so be it.  We are ready.  Car seat base is in but needs to be checked.....I have a bag packed (sort of) for the hospital and of course, I am sure I over packed.  Nursery is ready, as is the little pack-n-play that we plan to use for a few weeks in our room.  Clothes....check.  Lots of them.  But I love clothes, so I don't mind having an abundance of lil boy clothes. So....come anytime little Fort!

35 week picture....not dressed yet today......still look this pregnant if not more!

Little Fort....You are like a hamster
I don't know if it is because I've tried to "take it easy" today or if I've eaten some foods that you like, but you have been SO active today.  It's a Wednesday so I haven't been on my feet as much as I would normally be because I don't coach on Wednesdays.  AND, I slept so poorly last night that some couch time was definitely on my agenda.  BUT, you are one active little boy right now.  Just so you know, I'm 34.5 weeks along and had a doctors appointment this morning.  Your heart rate is fine (140-150) and didn't make Speilvogel bat an eye so I'm assuming that is fine.  I guess I measured well too because he didn't comment on that either.  I'm starting weekly visits from here on out and will discuss your arrival date next week.  He's hoping to get me to hold you in until the week of February 2.  We'll see how cooperative you are.  After all the business was done I had to ask him if I could go to Southern Pines for a baby shower this weekend.  He smiled really big and said, "You like to push the envelope with traveling, dont ya?"  Then he covered his ears and said, "Just don't tell me."  I took that as a yes, go ahead, but be careful and don't over exert yourself.  Deal.  I'm trying really hard to not over exert myself any day because it makes me feel like poop.  I tend to do more when I'm home anyways, because laundry is never ending and a house can always be cleaner.  Not to mention your nursery which always has little "to-do's" in there.  I know I'm just trying to justify my last possible weekend of going anywhere for a while, but seriously, I usually feel good and really am not worried about it.

As for your room, it is coming along nicely.  We are starting to put things on the walls and some bedding I had made will be done this weekend.  I also have David painting a book shelf that will be finished soon and once that is in there, I think the organization junkie in me will come out one last time before you are here.  So things are good in there.  I do need to get an idea of how to put a car seat base in our cars over the next three weeks.

Here is a picture of me at 34.5 weeks.....this was taken today after getting home from the doctor and a few errands and I promptly changed into sweatpants for my "couch time"......

Your 2nd International Trip (in my belly):
December 15-19, 2011 you and I traveled to the Bahamas for our annual Ocean Flipper Team Trip.  I didn't like the thought of having a team trip that I couldn't go on so we lucked out and found a meet in the Bahamas in December....better yet, Louie's high school friend was hosting it and I figured I'd definitely be able to travel then.  It was a close call but doc let me go even though things are progressing as far as your growth and impending birth.  It worried a lot of folks that I was going but thankfully, I returned on the 19th of December with you still in the womb.  Woop!  That was also the day marking 32 weeks.  SO....way to go kiddo!  I go visit the doctor tomorrow for another u/s and to talk more about having you.  Anyways, here is a picture from today (32 weeks)....disregard the mess, I had just unpacked:

Third Trimester:
This pregnancy is flying by.  As I type this, I'm 31 weeks pregnant.  I don't even remember entering the third trimester, but somewhere along the way, it happened.  I actually thought I was 30 weeks along but at my last doctors appt, my doctor and nurse kept saying I was one week ahead of where I thought I was.  Then I remembered they moved my due date up a week.  Duh.  So here I am, 31 weeks pregnant.  I'm "showing" now and definitely feel pregnant.  Starting to wear out easily, and although I don't waddle, I definitely hold my belly because I don't know what else to do with my arms.  I'm still eating normal portions and sometimes less than usual because I'm just not ever really hungry.  Then I drink a lot of water or lemonade and that can fill me up.  Everything seems to be fine although my doctor said my placenta never moved out of the way and currently is blocking the birth canal....which means I'll likely have to have a C-section.  I don't have a strong opinion if it means the baby and I both stay safe and healthy.  He did adamantly say he does not want me to go into labor or contract into labor or something like that.  I should probably get clarification on that considering I have NO idea what any of it feels like.  Either way, he said in order to avoid going into labor, he might have to deliver the baby between 36-38 weeks.  Fine by me as long as things are good!  He is allowing me to go to the Bahamas this Thursday (much to the dismay of my husband and mother), but I am promising to "take it easy" while there and certainly when I get back.  I don't want him to put me on bed rest or anything like that, so I'll have to make a better effort to not do as much.  We'll see!  I am secretly looking forward to the Bahamas and taking our Level 9's and 10's to their first meet and their team trip. My stress levels will drop significantly once we get through customs and immigration and checked into our hotel.  Anyways, this post is supposed to be about Baby Fort.

We had an awesome baby shower for the babe at the beach house.  I got great things that I've yet to go through.  With the speed of this pregnancy, I should probably go through them and get things a little more organized.  Thanks to Klug and Beth for hosting it and for all the ladies that came, for coming.

I'll leave this post with a few pictures of my prego self.....and one grainy picture of the last ultrasound.  I opted not to post every u/s picture because they really are alien-ish.  But this one shows his pudgy little nose and I just can't help but share.  Plus, taking the actual picture everywhere is starting to wear out the little picture!
 27 weeks

28 weeks

Second Trimester:
The second trimester was way more enjoyable as I started to feel more human.  I didn't always need a nap, although I still took them if I wanted to.  You see, when you are pregnant, you can just SAY that and it's a good reason to do whatever you want.  I've realized that I don't need to feel guilty for napping, eating something really random or not wanting to do something (ie- take out the stinky trash to the much stinkier outside trashcan).  My appetite came back and I was able to eat meals like a normal person.  I still do not eat a lot at one time.  I'm not trying to "watch my weight" but tend to be busy and find that a full belly combined with the pregnancy makes me super tired.  So I eat until I'm satisfied, then I'll snack to fill any random hunger pains.  My most common snacks this trimester are:  applesauce, cheese, animal crackers, apples, bananas, cottage cheese, yogurt, or cereal.  I've been drinking a small cup of half-cafe coffee in the morning and might have a soda mid day to give me a perk.  For all the prego police out doctor said it was fine and actually asked why I wasn't drinking the diet soda's to limit my sugar intake.  So I do it to avoid the HORRIBLE caffeine headache that I'll get.  I do make sure I drink at least 32-48 oz of water everyday as well.  I can definitely tell when I've shorted myself on the water.  My legs will cramp at night and that is worse than getting up to have to pee.  Some of my favorite dinners thus far are anything with grits, mexican food, salads, take out from my regular places (Outback, Carrabbas, etc).....whatever we have to throw together at the house.  When all else fails, I'll eat cereal for dinner.  I do see a weakness when it comes to candy these dentist may not be happy about it when I visit him in December but starburst and sweet tarts rank up there on my list.   After all that food talk, you would think that I put on 15 lbs this trimester.  At my 19 week appt (9/27....where we found out you were a boy), I had put back on the 4 lbs that I lost.  One month later on 10/28 at my 23 week appt, I had put on another 4 lbs.  Doc says I'm right on track with my weight gain.  Hopefully he wasn't just saying that to make me feel good about my growing self.  

16 weeks
17 weeks
18 weeks

19 week

21 weeks

22 weeks

23 weeks

First Trimester:
The first trimester was a learning experience.  At that time, I vowed to never have children again.  I was EXHAUSTED, nauseous and had no appetite.  I couldn't even eat Mexican which I can feasibly eat everyday normally.  I threw up....I took naps....I probably acted like a meanie to the kids at the gym....but wow, what a time.  My dad kept telling me that my chemistry has changed to every ache, gag or groan I threw out.  Over the course of the first trimester, I lost 4 lbs.  Baby Fort, however, was doing just fine.  As for pictures during this belly never changed so here are a few from that time.  

Bec & David at Bekah & Shane's reception

Bec & Papa Shelton at Aunt Ann's house visiting Tom Barefoot & family

David, Granddaddy & Bec....sometime in August at a dinner for Brittany & Reed.  

When we found out you existed:  
Well, I (Becca) knew a couple weeks before saying anything.  By "knew" I mean that I thought something strange was happening inside of me and I wanted to be sure of something before I talked about it.  I didn't want to disappoint or get anyone's hopes up.  We went to Suzanne & Mike Griffin's wedding in Wilmington and because I was "late" and suspicious, I held a beer all night and never really drank it.  Maybe a sip or two here but nothing major.  I made sure to busy myself taking pictures so no one would try and get me to drink more.  Billy Gibson was the only one who told me to have a good time and not worry about driving (that was my excuse to those who asked).  The Monday after that wedding (June 20), I bought a pregnancy test (or 4) and sure enough, it was positive.  I caught David off guard as he was getting out of the shower and showed him the proof.  After a little shock wore off, we were both very excited and wanted to cautiously tell our family since it was very early.  

Bec and David at Suzanne and Mike's wedding