Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Drew's First Day at TLC (2014-2015)

Drew started school today....it was a joyous day for me...not so much for him.  All last week, I was talking about his teachers, trying to pump him up for the occasion and get him excited to go back with his friends.  It was always met with a resounding, "noooo soooool" (no school).  Yesterday (Monday), we went to meet his new teachers (Ms. Melinda and Ms. Katy) and Drew did fine....but I was in the room the whole time.  So he played and chatted with his teachers, and reconnected with some old buds from last year.  This morning, after waking up at 5am, he was a disaster all morning.....then turned on the "I'll tolerate this..." face and went to school.  The whole way there, he was telling me that he would be a big boy but I needed to sit in the "byue hair" (blue chair) which happens to be IN his classroom.  Ummm No.  Thankfully after about 5 minutes to put his things away and play with all the name tags on the cubbies, he just walked right in!  I promptly left and found out later that he did get upset when he realized I was gone but got over it quickly and carried on about his day.  I picked him up a little early because I went grocery shopping ALONE (thank you jesus) and didn't feel like going home then coming back.....so he was excited to see me a little early.  Anyways.....leaving school, all the way home, coming in the house, I barely touched him....then I grabbed him to wash his hands and he was on FIRE.  Took his temp and it was 101.  WOW.  Bad mom alert. I knew he acted all out of sorts this morning and of course woke up way early but there were no other symptoms to accompany this random fever.  After a dose of tylenol and a nap he is currently fever free but we may be skipping his 2nd day of school after a successful 1st day of school!

Perhaps this post will be the beginning of a trend for me....more (small) posts to keep track of our life.  Summer got by us real quick....beach trips, visits with family and fun with friends rounded out our summer.  Here are a few pics to make this post look better.

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