Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dirty Dogs

It seems like its been a while since I've reported on Hank & Reba....probably not since Watson left us! Anyways, I've gotten around to catching a few good pictures of the dogs (its much harder than you think). They are both doing well. Growing like weeds and getting more and more stubborn, smart, curious, and playful. David has worked with them a couple of days out at the farm on long leads....trying to enforce the command, "here or come". They aren't pros by any stretch of the word, but they are starting to understand. Especially when I have a dog treat in my hand. :) Most of the time they stay here at the house, in the kennel in the back yard. We let them stay out side all night this past weekend when they destroyed their puppy palace for the final time (I was so over cleaning it). So now they cuddle up in their dog house for the chilly nights and they constantly play in their kennel during the day. They are so funny to watch. They had a good time this past weekend with Jen, Curry, Liza and Steve visiting. David took all four dogs out to the farm on Sunday while I was at the meet and they ran and ran and played and rolled in something dead and played more. They are a mess! David managed to give jackson & maddie a bath b/c they stay inside but it got too cold to give Hank & Reba a bath. They don't stink (thank goodness) but man, they are dirty. No matter where they are (here or the farm), they manage to wrestle, roll, and waller in the dirt and jump all over each other. Therefore, its nearly impossible to keep them clean! David is working on their new home at the farm so they will be here until its finished. Anyways, enjoy the pics!

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