Friday, September 12, 2008

Eyeballs and Dog Poo

Well, the pups are two weeks old today and they have grown so much since last Friday. They all have their eyes open and Hank & Reba are standing up. They wobble and fall down pretty quickly but they are putting equal weight on all fours. Its so cute! We cut their nails last night because they were becoming weapons and I guess the stimulation got Reba rather excited and pooped all over me. Sally was busy eating dinner and when she came back into the room, she was all over me and Reba. I should have known. Anyways....what fun. I take them to the vet next week and I'm excited to hear how they are REALLY doing. The next month should be really fun with these pups and I'll keep posting the cutest pics......speaking of, here are a few:

Watson, Hank, Reba (L to R)

Hank (black collar), Watson (blue), Reba (cute collar)

My precious Watson

Reba's cute self

Sleepy Hank

Watson's dreaded looks like he's biting David.

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