Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow....for the second time!

It snowed again this morning and for the life of me, I can't remember the last time it snowed twice in one winter at the beach. The first snow (a few weeks ago) was definitely bigger with more accumulation but this morning we had huge snowflakes that stuck to our decks and our yard. I think David used all the milk this morning so I decided to venture out for a bagel and a coffee and packed up the dogs for the ride. On the way to eat, they told me they wanted to stop by the beach to see if the snow was sticking on the sand and perhaps play in it. Lucky for them I packed the leashes and we made our way to Cherry Grove Inlet. Jackson & Maddie (our only 4-legged residents at this point) had a ball playing in the sand (not much snow on the shore) and came home with a light layer of sand all over them. It was FREEZING out on the beach as the wind was whipping like crazy. It took a while for my buns to thaw out. During the first snow the little puppies were still here but for this one they were out at their palace at the farm. David built them great dog houses (with 2 rooms!) so they were (hopefully) curled up in their houses and toasty for today's snowfall. Jackson & Maddie are loving the new puppy accomodations mainly because they get their house and yard back. Things around here are pretty normal for us. I'm gone every other weekend for meets and David is here and there with work and play. He went to Arkansas two weeks ago and had a great time with Curry (bro in law) and some of Curry's friends. On my weekends off, I tend to get involved in projects and my most recent project includes re-doing a bedroom. I painted the walls and replaced the bedding and had fun doing it. I also went to a class at Pottery Barn and got a discount on everything for the day and came home with some great pillows, pillow covers and lampshades. It adds some color and a needed update to our living room. I guess my life really isn't that exciting since I'm talking about lampshades and pillow covers but no news is good news in my life......

Before I get to posting pictures, I wanted to touch on Louie's (my boss) newest dream....and I wouldn't mind being a part of it.....its this property in the Bahamas that is for sale. It appraised over 1 million dollars but because the seller is very anxious to get rid of it, he's selling it for $800K (give or take). Its in the Abacos and on Lubbers Quarters. It looks awesome and we want to go visit it. We found a youtube video of ANOTHER property on Lubbers Quarters and these folks probably did exactly what Louie dreams of doing (living on the island, fixing up the accomodations and renting it out to vacationers).

Check it out....and while its 30 degrees outside, imagine waking up to this....

okay, now for the pictures....enjoy!

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