Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A First for Everything

Having a child brings so many "first" opportunities. There are so many different kinds of "moments"....difficult moments (inconsolable crying that we just got through), laughable moments and super sweet moments. So far, very few compare to how special Mother's Day is now that I'm a mother. The cards, texts, emails, facebook posts and phone calls made me feel so special. So thank you to all that sent me a special reminder of how lucky I am to be drew's mom. We drove home from Hampton, Virginia on Mother's Day (Courtney and Gilly made nationals again....yayyy!) so most of the day was spent in the car, but it was an enjoyable ride with three important men in my life (David, drew and louie). Unfortunately we got home too late to do dinner at aspen grille with David's family so we settled for casa villa. Don't hate, it was my choice. We came home, caught up on DVR shows, did laundry and just relaxed. Drew did not want to fall asleep when we wanted him to so we did have to deal with that, but we got through it. Nothing spectacular for the day but I dont need anything spectacular. The little life we have going on is all I need. As far as nationals go....it went pretty well. Gilly and Courtney were both returning qualifiers. Which is a huge accomplishment to do that two years in a row. Both girls had a good meet! Both of their future college coaches were there and were pleased with what they saw. Such a good experience for them! Anyways, another week staring me in the face.....this week Im getting a massage and facial (David's birthday present for me), we have our team banquet and a fun gym for monkey. Looking forward to being close to home this week!

And these are just three pictures I took this morning....just for cuteness sake.


Score said...

He's so cute. And congrats to your gymnasts!

LEW said...

look at him holding that head up like a champ! He's getting so big! Are yall home this weekend? I'm going to be up at sunset and want to visit!