Monday, September 17, 2012

Birthdays and Beach Houses

So the Woodard Family (David's cousin) celebrates a lot of birthdays in the month of September.  Five, to be exact.  So we had a birthday lunch at the Beach House last Sunday.  It was a good time, as usual, but nap time tends to get in the way of the parties for Drew.  We left near his nap time and let him sleep on the road while we drove up to another Beach House in Ocean Isle Beach for the 1/2 the week.  My brother, Carly, Grey & Cam spent a week at the beach and we decided to crash their party for a few days.  It was great fun as well, except for the sleeping part.  Drew was up half the night on our first two nights.  No clue what was going on, but thankfully it only lasted those two nights.  We are now back on a normal sleeping schedule and this mama is THANKFUL.  My mom was also at the beach so she got to spend some quality time with all her grandsons....playing on the beach, at the pool, at the gym, through meals, diaper changes, nap times and more.  Dad came into town Tuesday night so he and Matt could play golf on Wednesday.  He had a short but fun visit as well.  We (Fort's and Sassy and Papa) all left Wednesday night and some of Matt and Carly's coworkers came into town with their two sons.  David and I fell right back into a routine and Drew didn't skip a beat getting back on a schedule.  Friday night, Mckenzies Mill was playing at The Boathouse, so we took Drew to have a sleepover at Granny Soo Soo's in Myrtle Beach while we enjoyed an easy dinner at Indo and a "late night" at the bar.  1:00am is super late but thankfully Drew let us sleep until 7:30am the next morning.  McKenzies Mill rocked it as usual and it was nice to catch up with Justin, Ryan and their sweet mama, Sherilyn.  Shane, Paul and Darryl were playing with them and its always a pleasure seeing them and watching them play.  These boys sure do love what they do.  Saturday, we hung out around Soo Soo's house and the Martin family joined us for breakfast.  Liza and Margaret are so great with Drew and just adore him.  Drew suffered his first bruise from Margaret (total accident with a wooden puzzle)....he got upset which upset her.  So sweet.  He napped like a champ after breakfast so I had time to run to Target to stock up on stuff.  After his nap, David and I (we drove separately, thank goodness) both wanted to make a stop on the way home.  David got Drew and did Bass Pro and I was alone (!) and did the outlets.  So nice!  I got home in time for David to go hunting and Drew and I hung out the rest of the evening.  Sunday we worked around the house, got groceries bought and visited with Granny (on her way back to Whiteville), Bop & July.  Here we are in another week.....time flies for real.  This weekend we are heading to Charlotte to watch my precious cousin Cody marry his beautiful fiancé Mercedes.  I also get to see Beth and Joy!  Weeeeee!!

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Emily G. said...

1. Drew is BEYOND precious
2. You are an awesome mom
3. I am jealous you get to see Blondie
4. I miss you! :)