Tuesday, December 4, 2012

10 Months of Drew

Seriously, I can't believe it.  TWO months left before he is ONE??  Ridic.  Since I can't change it or slow it down, I need to get on the ball and post his 10 month update and pictures.  Little Drew continues to grow, develop, make us laugh, keep us from getting any work done, force us to go to bed at 9pm because we are so totally worn out, eat fast and usually with one hand, watch our mouths, watch his mouth and what he might put in it (leaf, feather, lotion bottle), and so much more it is hard to summarize.  Clearly, he eats well.  He hasn't put on a ton of weight but maintains a healthy 50% range....My guess is he is 22-23lbs.  He seems to be getting taller and I only notice that more because is standing up all the time and some of his pants have taken a more euro-capri-like look to them.  For his benefit, I stash those away in the "too small" closet....WHICH, fills up way faster than I like.  Drew has pushed 2 new teeth out and as soon as I can wrestle catch a picture of them, I'll post it.  They are his top two and they are gappy and precious but they are sharp.  He is exploring more foods now, thanks to his new choppers and is consciously biting through foods with his teeth to start his chewing.  Recently, we've started eating more "real" food (ie- not baby food) and he enjoys it most of the time.  If its a first time attempt, it doesn't always go well, but I don't let that deter me.  Usually by the 2nd or 3rd time, he has it down pat.  Real fruit, cereal, cheese, soft (smashed) meats, small pieces of softer veggies.  He loves cheerios, gold fish, yogurt bites, "cookies"and his all time favorite might be a sippy cup of water. I wish I got that excited about water!  OH and thanks to my generous co-workers that we routinely eat lunch with, Drew also has an affinity for pickles and lemons.  He chewed on a pickle the other day like it was corn on the cob....or a popsicle.  No kidding.  Here is a video.

Drew is crawling everywhere and that seems to be his preferred mode of transportation for now. He is quick to stand up on stuff but cautious when it comes to moving from his standing position.  He walks fairly well with assistance.....leads with his belly and wants to go way faster than he actually can.  He has definitely entered a stage where mama and dad are preferred.  He will certainly be held and can be left alone with others, but sometimes there is a wimper, whine or full out scream fest....depending on his mood and how tired he is.  The more he sees you, the more comfortable he is around you.  He is still babbling but I think he understands WAY more than he did one month ago.  He definitely knows what the following words mean:  No, bottle, eat, Mama, Daddy, Jackson & Maddie, bye, hi, kiss.  He says "bye" the most.....mainly because it means bye, hi and bottle.  He also can sign "all done" (which looks very similar to his wave b/c he rarely does it with both hands) and he is getting better with "more".  We are working on "please" and "eat" next.  I am not a very good signing teacher, I have determined.

Drew did a lot this past month, as seen in other posts and we can't wait to see what Month 10 brings!  Other than SANTA!!!  Which he won't really care about this year.....but I will certainly grab lots of pictures to show off his first Christmas!!

AND...bonus round down here.  If you made it this far, you deserve to see this hilarious attempt at getting Christmas Pics of the boy.....he was NOT interested....until we picked Maddie up to make him smile.  Then he smiled and laughed but crawled all over the bed.  And I didn't love my camera settings. Bah Humbug.  

Bless his heart. 


Score said...

so cute! I can't believe he's 10 months either.

Emily G. said...

oh those last pics with the santa hat on...........TOO CUTE!!!

and only you, rebecca raynor, would let your 10 month old son eat a frickin' pickle. so nasty!