Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Drew - 15 Months

Once again, I'm two weeks late.  But I'm here nonetheless.  Drew has actually reached the 15.5 month milestone but I'll update his stats according to the 15 month milestone.  The little man weighed in at 25lb 4oz and is 31.5 inches tall.  His noggin is 49.5cm.  I'm guessing all of that is still in the 50% range because Doc never said differently.  He did great at his appointment....laughed and carried on with the doc and nurse up until he got stuck with a needle.  Then he sang us a beautiful tune and shed some mighty big tears.  For 30 seconds.  Then pouted (with lip out) for another 30.   Then the sweet lady at the check out made him a sticker-pop with Mickey Mouse and we were all smiles for the ride home.  Drew is a crazy-cool kid.  We have hit a few rough patches in his 15th month but I attribute that to teething, adjusting to 1-nap and possibly a few allergies due to his runny nose but no other signs of congestion.  He has taken off in the walking department and seems to be nearly running at times.  Especially when I turn my back for .02 seconds and he is clear across the restaurant heading towards the kitchen.  Because I'm sure a dirty toddler would pass inspection in a kitchen.  Drew has 12 teeth and 4 more should be making an appearance within the next few months.  He still has the same words but comprehends more and more every day. Oh, maybe he learned one new word....Mar....for Marla.  Which is for Marla Branson....the weather girl on WMBF.  Seriously, he is obsessed with her.  Asks for her in the morning with his milk.  Smiles real big and watches intently when she is on.  And is not as satisfied when its another weather person.  Wacky....but I did love watching the weather channel as a child so maybe the weather intrigues him as much as it did me.  Still loves Mickey and Donald and all the friends.  Sort of loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates but not even remotely as much as Mickey.  His latest and greatest obsession is his toothbrush.  He can open the drawer in the bathroom and stand on his tip toes to reach it and then carries it around with him.  I think it feels really good on his gums but I'd also like to think we are instilling a great habit of dental care in him.  Drew has taken a liking for books.....not necessarily reading them, but pulling EVERY.ONE. off the shelf and sitting amongst them.  He does the same with pans, colanders, tupperware, measuring cups, etc.  He loves lids and will spend a good 5 or 10 minutes just trying to put a lid on something and take it off.  He will occasionally put something in the container, close it, open it and take the object out.  He is loving his ball tent these days and I have found books, sippy cups, food and socks in there.  I even snapped a shot of Maddie in there today (most likely for the food).  Drew loves anything outside....his car, wagon, slide, water/sand table, crawling around the porches, trying to figure out how to open the gates, watering the plants, watching the cars go by.  We will have a fun summer being outside and a not-so-fun summer when its time to go inside.  We still go to Music and the gym once a week and he enjoys both quite a bit.  He graduates from music next Thursday and we probably won't pick that up again until the fall.  Drew's eating is getting more and more advanced but he also getting a little picky.  Not terrible.  He did eat Wahoo tonight, but there are times when NOTHING actually gets digested.  It might get chewed but it won't always go down.  More times than not, he is a good eater.  I can't complain.  Getting a diaper change, however, is a different story.  He still is a royal terror with me on the changing table and will immediately turn over and stand up.  I hate holding him down with my forearm but it usually turns into a wrestling match that i win.  He doesn't do that for anyone else apparently and boy, don't I feel special.    All in all, Drew is a rock star and is still one of the cutest things in the world.  This is a fun age and I can tell that it will only get more exciting in the months ahead.  We are heading to Lake Waccamaw this weekend to hang out with friends and their families.  In a couple weeks we will head to Cashiers for Zach's wedding and then on to the Bahamas for a week long vacation (is that possible with a toddler??).  Anyways, I'll try to update soon....but don't count on it!!

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Emily G. said...

LOL! He is obsessed with the weather girl!!!!!!!!!!