Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dogs aren't our whole lives, but they make our lives whole....

Most of you know how much I love dogs....especially mine and my friends. However, on a three week trip WITHOUT my puppies, I tend to 'adopt' random dogs as my friends. Here are the dogs we met along the way.....some with their real names and others with the name I gave them as their 'adopted' friend & photographer:

Seamus (Andy & BJ's dog)

Seamus & Bec

Walter the 8-week old Newfoundland puppy!

Walter being sweet

Tommy (King Charles Spaniel) & Bec

Tommy was whining in this picture!! Just like a boy.

Bob the Boat Dog (adopted name)

Poker (adopted name)

Teton (adopted name b/c he just wandered up to the pet store we went to)

Nava (on the left) & Ho (on the right) in Nowhereland, Arizona

Ugly (adopted name)

McCain (adopted name)

Sidney (Alex & Becky's pup)

My baby girl Maddie

My baby Jackson & me when I got back! What a love-bug!

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