Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nothing Like a Mom

With Mother's Day almost a week in the past, I wanted to reflect on the fact that most mom's are awesome. First of all, my mom is wonderful. That's a given!  But I wanted to use this blog to point out the new mom's in the world and how great i think they are.......These smiles show how great they are!

Lauren & Hadley....this was right after we got back from KS

Liza Martin learning how to brush her teeth

Karina & Kileigh last Thanksgiving

Em & Nate in Nashville

Lily Andrea Grieve....Kalispell, MT

Jackie & Noah

Page & Ford Fehling


Emily G. said...

You're so sweet! thanks!

Lauren Heuber said...

Bec-you are great mom too---it just happens to be to puppies! Which in my opinion take a lot more work! Love to you and your mom!!!