Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ruby Red Slippers & Sore Legs

This past weekend we hopped on a plane to Wichita, Kansas for a good friend's wedding.  David Glover & Ashley Shroyer met in DC several years ago.  Glover (as we call him) is from NC & went to UNC.  We have a great group of friends from UNC and most of our closest friends flew out to KS to see him get married.  Ashley is from Kansas and the entire weekend was loosely based on the rivalry between Kansas & UNC.  It was great!  We (me and my david) flew in Friday and barely made it in time to go to the rehearsal dinner.  Thankfully Emily & Greg, who rented a car, waited on us to get changed.  The RD was Wichita Country Club with good food, drinks, toasts, videos and a darn good MC.  :)  Someone in the wedding party had a grand idea to run a 10K the morning of the wedding and the bride and groom were totally up for it.  They (Team Dashley) encouraged us to do it and 33 of us got up and ran it like champs.  Some of the guys did really well, finishing up near the front  but most of us accomplished a lot just by finishing!!!  I had a great running partner in Emily and if it hadn't been for her, I don't know that I would have finished it like I did.  We did stop a couple times to walk in order to get rid cramps, etc, but she figured we ran 90% of it.  I've never run more than 3 miles at a time so I was completely pumped about it.  David also finished it before I did and I was so proud of him! He hates running....its amazing what a man's pride and a little competition can do.  :)

 We all were wearing shirts that said "Worst Idea Ever" on the front and "Best Idea Ever" with a picture of a UNC Ram & a Jayhawk getting married, on the back.  So many runners pointed out our shirts and said how cool they were.  It was also fun to see each other as we were running.....made it easy to point each other out and cheer each other on!  The wedding itself was held at Botanica Saturday night.  We had lots of time between the race and the wedding to eat, rest, shop, etc.....most people just rested.  I think Klug found resting to be for wussy's so she and Talley entertained themselves with scarves for what sounded like hours.  The wedding was beautiful...all of it was outside and Ashley did an amazing job with the decor, colors, set up, etc.  I took tons of pictures and thoroughly enjoyed being there to watch Glove get married.  Ashley was wearing the cutest red shoes with her beautiful wedding dress and Glove wore a turquoise-y tie with a black tux.  the bridesmaids dress color matched Glove's tie and the groomsmen's ties matched Ashley's shoes.  It was really pretty.  There were tears, laughter, cocktails, hugs, kisses and more was a great reunion of our college friends and I look forward to many more reunions as the years go by.......

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Lora said...

I didn't understand what playing with scarves meant... then I looked at the pictures. Klug is seriously like Beth Ann sometimes! Congrats on the race - Em said she wouldn't have made it without you :)