Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sixty Trips Around the Sun

Happy Birthday to my wonderful momma!!  Mom, Sally, Sal, Sassy, Mama Raynor.....whatever you like to call her.....she turned 60 today.  We went home yesterday after I got off of work and met a crowd at Ashten's to celebrate mom's birthday.  Matt, Carly & the boys came....along with Becky, Patti, Anne, Wiley, Anne, Bob, Paul, Julie, Jane & Scott.  We had a nice dinner then hopped across the street to visit Justin & Ryan who were playing O'Donnells that night.  We chatted for a while, caught up with the band and Ricky & Sherilyn and David and I walked home around 10pm.....actually before the band ever started....which is a first for me.  But it was nice to be there early to actually talk to them.

Sunday we ate breakfast with mom and dad (on mom's actual birthday) then packed up the dogs and drove to Clinton to visit Granddaddy Raynor.  Delores was there and my great aunt Doris and Uncle Joe came in shortly after we got there.  We spent about an hour hanging out with Granddaddy, although he couldn't get very comfortable and tossed and turned the entire time.  He did turn over one time and said, "Well, hey Rebecca."  SO I know he knows I was there.....he may not remember it later, but he knew who I was and that was nice.  He finally fell asleep and we snuck out and made our way back to the beach.  Whirlwind weekend but oh so worth it!

Happy Birthday Mom!  Lots of love!

Cam running around the house

Macy & Kileigh stopped by before dinner

Grey was thirsty after wearing Papa out at Ashtens

Mom's birthday gang minus the Matt Raynor Family

David noticed the humor in this picture at the bar, so I snapped it.  Justin's type.  

Love catching up with this crazy-haired boy.  

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Happy Birthday, Sally!