Friday, November 4, 2011


Sorry for the late post but when you are 31 and don't have kids (yet), Halloween isn't as exciting as it used to be/will soon be.  However, this year, Bekah & Shane decided to have a little Halloween party where you had to dress up.  Although I haven't dressed up since my days on Franklin Street (which is such a great place to spend Halloween), I went ALL OUT for this year's festivities.  And by all out, I mean I stumbled upon a DOG'S costume at Target the day before Halloween that looked like it would cover my baby bump just perfectly.  And it did.  So I went as a pumpkin and David went as a fighter pilot in authentic gear from his dad.  Yes, his dad was a pilot and has the coolest stuff......MUCH cooler than the dog pumpkin I attempted to be.

We all brought a dish to eat and spent a couple hours hanging out, admiring costumes, taking pictures and giving out candy to the kids that came by.  Nothing is more fun than pictures when adults are dressed up, so I'll leave the rest to pictures:

Fighter Pilot, a recovering addict from AL and Superman

Bruce in Bekah's lingerie 

Kelly & Whitney

Wonder Woman & her Superman

David found his match at the party!  

Kelly holding on tight to the sock monkey 

"I do not....."

Top Gun Kelly & the sock monkey

One mediocre attempt at a group shot

What Becca's costume was actually intended for.....

and another good fit

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