Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thankful Thanksgiving

Another holiday has come and gone!  I cannot believe the year is almost over!  This Thanksgiving was special, as is every Thanksgiving where everyone can get together.  I'm quite proud of the fact that David and I power through and see as many people as possible over the holidays.  It might not always be this easy, but it will always be important to me.  So, we'll try as hard as we can, even when we have the lil' nugget.  Wednesday night, we were home so we took a rare opportunity to go out to eat (b/c we practiced that morning) and we went to eat sushi.  Yes, prego police, I was careful but I did indulge in one of my favorite foods with pregnancy safe stuff inside the roll.  It was delish to say the least.  I honestly cannot wait to eat the Spicy Tuna Salad from Filet's when I'm mouth is watering just thinking about it.  Thursday, we got up and hit the road for Clinton.  We ate lunch at Ann's house and Granddaddy  was able to join us.  It was so nice seeing him WALK (with Cody helping) through the door.  He sat down and visited with everyone and ate like he hasn't eaten in months.  After lunch, he had to "digest" and undo his belt and the button on his pants. HA!  You never know how many more of these moments there will be so I cherished every minute I got to see him.  

Granddaddy & Ann

Granddaddy, Dad, Jimmy & Gary....Andy is the only son missing!

nom nom

Love this big family & this certainly isn't all of them


Granddaddy and a pregnant Becca

David and I left Ann's around 3p and went straight to Soo Soo's house for round 2.  It was also fun and delicious and special in itself.  Soo Soo, Jen, Curry, Liza, Margaret, Janet, Lee (Curry's parents), David and I had dinner together.  My parents were going to join us but left Clinton a lot later than expected.  They joined us after dinner and everyone enjoyed watching the girls play so well with each other, stay up past their bedtime, manhandle a smart phone, and keep us on our toes and laughing.  We left there a little while after dinner and dessert and enjoyed a relatively low key night....stuffed to the gills with food and full of love that only family can provide.  

Margaret & Liza

Liza working my droid better than I can

Liza took the camera and this pic of Jen & Curry is great!

As is this one of Mom & Janet

The girls playing in a doll stroller

Friday,  Mom, Dad and I tootled around the house and town.  We don't get into the Black Friday shopping craziness, so we decorated for Christmas, got some things organized in the boy's room and David did yard work.  We DID venture out once to check out some mattresses at the new Mattress Firm in town and pick up a couple groceries.   Thankfully it wasn't too bad at Walmart and we got in and out with no issues.  Friday night, Dad went to Clinton to stay with Granddaddy and Mom, David & I drove down to Alex & Becky's condo in Myrtle Beach.  We hung out with them (A,B, Nic, Karina, Paul, Kileigh & Macy) until the girls got back from the "hot pool" and were ready for bed.  Starving at this point, we decided to order pizza on the way home and call it a night.  Saturday, David hunted again while Mom and I braved a sliver of what Myrtle Beach has to offer by way of shopping.  We hit up Sears, Old Navy, Target, Walmart & McAlisters Deli for lunch.  We had to get back to Little River by 2pm because we were doing the Steve Fort side of the family Thanksgiving at 3:30pm.  We got to Steve & Julia's house and enjoyed great company all night and some amazing food.  Some pork, beans, slaw, collards, and too many desserts to name.....needless to say, we were nearly in a food coma again.  Around 5pm, more folks came over for the annual NMB Flotilla.  The boats were fun and the kids enjoyed all the lights, Santa appearances and yelling back and forth with the boats.  The Cameron crowd joined us and Kileigh, being experienced on the boat, seemed concerned that people were standing on the boats and she couldn't see the life jackets on some of the Santa's.  Liza yelled "Merry Christmas" and hooted and hollered at every boat.  Eli got into the action as well while Ean got passed from one person to another.  Dad came back from Clinton and joined us for the festivities and took little cat-naps every chance he could get.  I'm sure one effort to nap on the dock swing turned into entertainment when all the little girls joined him on the swing. Bekah, Shane & friend Russ came also and it was nice to catch up with them (& Shane's sweater).  When Bekah & Shane decided to go to Poo's to find Russ a woman, we took it to the house.
How cute is she?

Chillin in Aunt Becca's sunglasses

Liza being silly

Liza, Margaret & Ean....a glimpse of things to come when our Lil' Fort comes along!

Mags & Bop playing

Dinner is served

Curry, David & Dave staying close to the pig

Eating a rainbow cupcake

Liza & Victoria joined Dad on the much for the nap
Now Margaret & Rachael joined them!
Sunset over NMB Bridge

A little later with the sunset

Night shot of the same bridge

Alex, Becky, Nic, Karina & Kileigh

Julia & Ean

The Wallace's....Love that sweater...hahaha.

The Fort's & Raynor's

Sunday, David and I caught up on things around the house and are sitting here now thinking it feels like it should be 9:30 and it's only 6:30p.  Gah....either we are old or we've been busy and it's catching up with us.....OR it could be because I'm pregnant.  Either way, it might be an early night in the Fort House.  So thankful for a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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