Monday, November 21, 2011

South In Yo Mouth - 2011

The 11th Annual South In Yo Mouth pig pickin is in the books and although attendance was a little different this year, the fun, food and friends didn't disappoint.  David and I got to Raleigh on Friday around 7pm and enjoyed pizza with JD, Joel, Lance & Katie.  Lindsey (JD's better half) came home later because her brother and his wife had a baby that night!  SO much going on in the Howard/Moorefield houses this weekend!

The boys started cooking the pig with David's new pig cooker (he and Rifton built it) and it was so nice!  They actually got to sleep a little this night because they weren't afraid of the temperature dropping or getting out of control and starting a fire.  The pig (which turned out to be one body & two heads) cooked to perfection and was ready for the tailgating fun that Saturday offered.  The girls hung out inside and caught up on life and stayed up way later than any of us are used to.  Saturday we hung out at the house while the guys went to the game to get set up.  After naps, the girls joined them and the party ensued.  There was also a football game, which I didn't pay much attention to, but I hear that NC State beat the pants of of Clemson.  Katie and I used two of our four tickets during the second half to use the bathroom because the porto-johns were THAT nasty and being pregnant makes using one that much harder.  So, I was in the stadium for 5 whole minutes.  The game was fun....watching the kiddos was great.....and the fact that our house was IN BED (if not already asleep) by 9pm Saturday night.  Ridiculous.  Good times and already looking forward to next year when there are A LOT more babies in the picture.

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