Monday, December 12, 2011

RIP Kali

Sad phone call one point in our life together, David and I fed 7 dogs.  Jackson & Maddie at the house, and Sally, Ginger, Hank, Reba, & Kali at the farm.  We have since found awesome homes for all the farm dogs (David's schedule and work focus changed, so finding them a place where they could do what they love was a good feeling).  Kali, the precious German Shorthair Pointer was SUCH a cute puppy that turned into a fun-loving/people-loving family pet for a friend of David's.  Just as recent as Saturday, he spoke to the owner (he's had her for some time now) and the guy said she was doing great.  LOVED being right next to him and his daughters took great care of her.  Welp, David got a phone call this morning saying that one of his dogs was found dead on the side of the road.  Kali always kept the collar we gave her because it had her name and a working phone # on David got the call.  He rode out to where the person said she was and sure enough, it was Kali.  I haven't seen Kali in quite a while but knowing that a precious doggie life was cut short today just breaks my heart.  She did live on a busy/fast road and she must have explored a little too close to the edge this morning or last night.  But still, it makes me wish for one more slobbery kiss or annoying jump on my chest that she was so good at.  It's weird but I was thinking of her on Sunday when we were riding out to the farm.....we named her after a town we love in Montana (and we also love the people we know there!).  Kalispell Fort.  Kali for short.  Such a cute girl.  We'll always love you Kali!!

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