Monday, March 19, 2012

Beachin it with The Raynor Family

Last Wednesday, Matt, Carly, Grey & Cam made the 3+ hour trek from Chapel Hill to Myrtle Beach to spend part of their vacation with us.  We were fortunate to be able to stay in Granny Sledge's beach house during our time together since our house might have been a little tight with all of us here.  This also allowed room for my parents to come one night and plenty of things for the kids to do.  We spent a lot of time on the beach since we were so blessed with gorgeous weather.  The boys (G&C) loved playing in the sand and the water temperature didn't deter them from splashing around in that either.  Drew had a good time just napping in his pea pod on the beach.  We also took a trip to a local park where Grey and Cam were more intrigued by how dirty they could get in the black sand than they were with the park swings, etc.  After getting good and dirty, they went back to the house for lunch and beach time before naps.  We also drove up to the farm one morning where the boys went on a short nature walk and got to ride around in the "rhino" and look at the farm.  We left there and went to the gym so the boys could run their hearts out before nap time.  Grey LOVED the gym and ran back and forth across the floor 50 times......they both bounced on the tumble track and trampolines and got the courage to jump in the pit.  When we weren't on a 'field trip' or on the beach, the boys enjoyed bubbles in the yard, playing with their cars and balls inside or hanging out with Liza and Margaret.  Liza was SO good with the boys and it will be fun to watch all these kids interact as they get older.  Margaret didn't hesitate to hug and kiss the boys goodbye.  Matt, Carly, David and I did get a dinner out Friday night thanks to Mom and Dad taking care of all three boys. I think Dad held Drew the entire time and Mom wrangled Grey & Cam through playtime and bedtime.  We went to Aspen Grill and enjoyed an incredible mouth is watering just thinking about it.  The Raynor clan left Saturday afternoon and David and I decided to stick around through Sunday.  We had a relaxing Saturday night and such a great, relaxing Sunday.  We couldn't ask for better weather the entire time and really enjoyed being together with both sides of our family.  Here are a few pictures from the week.....all of them can be found at

Naptime on the porch....overlooking the ocean. Too bad nap time is with eyes closed

Cam checking out the baby in Daddy's lap

Drew's first beach outing!  A little windy, but he enjoyed it!

Matt running to get Grey

Grey got got.  

Big brother pointing at little brother

David and Matt

Cam wearing Aunt Becca's flip flop

Grey, learning how to put on his own shorts

Cam playing with Maddie

Cam loving on Maddie

Monkey Bars at the park

Grey & Matt

Happy (Dirty) Boy!

Cam playing in the sand

Drew napping in the sand....sort of

Fort family of three!

Grey watching Uncle David drive a tractor

Cam spending some quality alone time pouting in the woods

Grey, happy with Dad, post melt-down

Raynors riding in the Rhino!

These boys loved riding around the farm in the back!

Grey & Cam in the pit

Bouncing on the trampoline!

Playing nicely on the beach

Pure excitement

G&C with Liza

These two were inseperable.

Sassy and Grey feeding birds

Need more bread

I could just eat him that smile!

Carly & Cam feeding birds

David playing with Grey

Grey would often point to that chair to get david to sit down after this ended the first time

Too much fun

Drew with Uncle Matt

Papa helping Grey learn how to move that heavy door!

Margaret, Cam, Liza & Grey....we forgot Drew for this picture!!

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