Monday, April 2, 2012

More travels and CRBR

The Fort family has been pretty busy lately.  Drew is certainly a good traveler and that is a good thing.  I'm not sure a child that is biologically related to me could possibly NOT be a good traveler.  Last weekend, Drew and I drove to Southern Pines Thursday and did Vito's for dinner with the Raynor & Cameron families.  Friday, mom and I met Julie James for lunch at Lil Dino's before strolling around downtown SP and heading to Chapel Hill to see Grey & Cam.  On the way to Chapel Hill, I texted Talley something totally unrelated and come to find out....she was in Durham!  So we ordered The Loop for dinner and when mom, Drew and I went to pick it up, Talley graciously came over to see us for a few minutes.  Loved seeing her and look forward to another time when we can catch up more.  Saturday, mom and I got up early and drove to Rock Hill so I could watch some of my optional girls compete in their state meet.  Obviously, I can't just "watch" gymnastics when my girls are doing it so I found my way down to the floor to coach.  The Level 7's rocked and came in 3rd as a team.  The level 8's were probably the most improved team and came in 2nd as a team.  The Level 9's and 10's won the team title and we had plenty of all around and event winners as well.  We also had 24 regional qualifiers.  I love being an Ocean Flipper and am so glad that Drew gets to grow up surrounded by these lovely ladies.  Hopefully he'll be able to do at least a decent cartwheel, but if not, he will certainly be a better person for knowing these girls and my co-workers.  After the meet, mom and I went to Beth (Vinson) & Michael Baker's house to check out their remodeling progress before heading to Tom & Karen's house for a great dinner.  Drew hung out through dinner and joined Tom at the table to be a part of the conversation.  We had so much fun talking and laughing and Michael endured it all....not knowing a single person we were talking about.  On Sunday, I got up and met the family at church before walking up to the Ice Cream Parlor for lunch.  Later that afternoon, I got on the road back to the beach.  It was that trip that I realized how much harder the simple things are with a I couldn't stop to pee.

I worked a couple days last week before preparing for yet another trip.  On Thursday, David and I packed  up and drove to Charleston for the Bridge Run.  For the 2nd year in a row, we were present for the run and DID NOT run.  Boo on us.....but we had a good excuse this year.  A two month old that is nursing would be a hard running partner.  AND, since we were staying on Dewees Island (ferry to get on and off island), I asked that David not run so I wouldn't have to coordinate that alone.  Needless to say, we had a great time even without the run.  The house on Dewees was great.....The Marsh House is an eco-friendly it is an eco-friendly island.  It had everything we needed including an abundance of mosquitos.  (The island, not the house).  It is scarecly developed and has some of the most beautiful beaches and marshes in this area.  Shane, Bekah, Aaron, Russ, David and I got to the house late afternoon.  We got acquainted with the island, chased off gators, swatted mosquitos, and checked out all the dirt roads we could possibly check out.  Later that night, Andy, Katie & Grant BARELY made the ferry and joined us for dinner.  Grant is a precious 9 month old that entertained us all weekend.  Friday, we were lazy in the morning but were able to spend some time on the beach that afternoon.  It was gorgeous out and once again, Drew loved the beach.  Slept "like a baby."  :)  Friday night, Lindsay and Hope finally made it after Hope missed 4 flights and they both missed the 5pm ferry by (literally) a minute.  They were happy to finally get to the house.  We did a big pot of spaghetti so the runners could carb up for the race.  It was an early night at The Marsh House in preparation for the early start on Saturday.  Saturday morning was all race-related.....runners got up early and hit the road.  By the time David and I made it downtown (diaper disaster, coffee stop, traffic, a parking spot on the opposite end of the finish line) the runners had been done for quite a while.   We grabbed a quick picture of them and walked around downtown for a while.  I should note here that Bekah won out of the group with an amazing time of 46:59.  She was in the top 200 women in the race and in the top 1000 finishers (men/women combined).  Awesome.  Shane came in second and Russ was a close third.  Out of 40,000 people (or a little less), all of our folks did awesome.  We left Marion Square and made our way to Tommy Condon's to meet up with Joy & Wes.  We chatted with them for a while and hit the road, trying to make the 2pm ferry.  Fail.  So we chilled and got the 3pm with Joy & Wes who came out to check us (& Dewees) out.  They loved on Drew for a bit then we took them on a rainy golf cart ride around the island.  We came back from dropping them off at the ferry and hung out with the crew the rest of the night.  When the college-style drinking games started, I went inside to relax and keep an ear open for my sleeping baby.  Waking up in the middle of the night to feed Drew is not conducive to late night antics, whether I'm drinking or not.  Which I'm not.....but still.  Those participating had a large time and those not playing had a great, relaxing night.  Sunday we all got up, cleaned house, packed up and caught the 10:30am ferry off the island.  David and I hopped on over to Mt. Pleasant to meet the Heuber's, Joy & Wes for lunch at Mozzo.  Hadley was super excited about meeting Drew and holding him and Burns was excited about Hadley's bagel, putting his egg in Bobby's water, and the dogs.  Hilarious.  It was great catching up with them and I hope to see them all again real soon.  David and I made it home last night and were obviously exhausted.....straight to the couch for some baby snuggling and TV watching.  Another trip in the books and a great one it was!!

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