Monday, April 30, 2012

Drew's Latest Shenanigans

Since our whirlwind trip to Florida mid April, we've had a couple breakthroughs with Mr. Drew.  First of all, he moved to his room immediately after that trip.  I figured that, since he was out of our house for nearly a week, it would a  good time to make the transition from our room to his room.  It's been a good transition and I really think he enjoys his crib (when he wants to be there).  I enjoy it too.....we can fall asleep watching tv without worrying about whether or not it is keeping Drew awake, etc.  Second of all, he has been "sleeping through the night".  Meaning, he doesn't have to eat in the middle of the night.  THAT is the best thing thus far....he will occasionally cry out around 3am but it is mainly due to him getting his arms out of his swaddle or wanting his paci back in his mouth.  I'm so torn as to whether we should go down and hook him up with his needs because I know he will keep doing it as long as we respond.  But the 2 minutes it takes to get him back to sleep is much easier than the potential 20 minutes that he might cry out if we don't.  HOWEVER, if we stopped going down there to quiet him down, will WE ever get to sleep through the night without interruptions?  I know our "problems" are not really problems at all....I mean, at 2.5 months, I didn't have to nurse him at 3am.  If putting a paci back in his mouth and immediately returning to sleep is our only major "problem" then I know we are doing well.  Drew has also gotten into the habit of waking up at 6:30/7:00am and having breakfast and spending at least an hour being absolutely precious....smiling, talking, watching me eat breakfast, finding new talents (today he grabbed his pant leg and kept pulling it up so his leg was hanging way out and his right pant leg was scrunched up past his knee).  I can see him starting to develop hand-eye coordination.  He loves looking at toys, mobiles, things with color (TV...yikes), and he is starting to show interest in figuring out how to make his hand grab said items.  It's cute and pretty amazing how much kids grow in a short year.  I could already cry at my growing boy and how big he is getting.  Growing out of outfits LIKE CRAZY. Ridiculous. 

 Anyways....since Florida, we have settled into a daily routine of naps, playtime, eating and me trying to work as best I can.....After Drew gets up in the morning and eats/plays, he typically goes down for a great 2-3 hour nap.  Around 11am, he gets up super happy, eats again and we usually load up and go out to lunch, run errands or do something around the house.  I'd love to put him in his crib for this next nap, but the reality of my life is I'm on the go and need to get things for now, he's been doing okay napping in the car seat, restaurants, stroller, etc.  We get home mid afternoon and he eats again before going down for his 3rd nap.  David gets home late afternoon and I rush out the door to go to work.  I usually pump or thaw out milk for Drew to get for dinner and I'm home around 8:30 and get to hang with him for a few minutes before he cat naps again....Its a weird night schedule that will get easier once he doesn't need to eat at 10:30ish.....if david puts him down at 8, like I'd like him is HARD to wake him up to eat at 10:30.....if I don't wake him....he wakes up a little earlier in the morning and I DEFINITELY don't want that.  So, I'm slowly trying to move his 10:30pm feedings up earlier and earlier until he can handle 10 hours without eating.  Last night it was 10pm when he fed and his schedule remained the same.  I'll stick to that for a week or so then try 9:30, etc.

Last weekend we went to Wrightsville Beach for the Brian Shelburne/Liz Hair wedding weekend.  We rented a condo in Wrightsville and Soo Soo stayed with us so that Drew would have someone to hang with while we did the wedding festivities.  David was in the wedding so he had some obligations.  We did the rehearsal dinner Friday night at The Balcony on Dock St.  It was a gorgeous building (right above YoSake, one of our fav sushi joints).  Food, toasts, etc were all fun and of course I loved the company.  Saturday we hung out at our condo, went on a walk, went shopping and got ready for the wedding.  All day it was kind of nasty weather but Brian & Liz's outdoor wedding went off without a hitch.  It was beautiful and Drew did awesome.  He hung out for a good part of the reception before Soo Soo took him back to the condo.  Great weekend with great friends!

The Balcony on Dock Street - Rehearsal Dinner

Brian & Liz

Drew having a good time with Granny

Love this cheese

Reid, the ring bearer, lost a shoe on the way down the aisle!

Liz and her dad

Celebration of Marriage

Happy Couple

Love that smile!

Checkin out his new bling...

Gorgeous flowers, dress, venue, everything

Wedding crashers!  Les & Suzanne Edwards meet Drew

The Forts

David, Brian & Neil
This past weekend, we went to Southern Pines for Drew's baptism.  I really wanted my old minister, Mike Garber to baptize Drew.  He has retired from the ministry but still does an occasional service.  It worked out this weekend that our church needed someone to preach and he was available (and so were we!!). It was perfect.  Mike did a great job with Drew and Drew didn't cry one bit!  Mike also gave a great sermon and it was refreshing to hear him in our church again.  We had lots of family (and family-friends) come out and mom & dad went above and beyond with their hospitality afterwards.  We had Pickin' Pig for lunch at the house and enjoyed an afternoon playing outside with the kids.   Drew just watched, but it won't be long before he is digging up rocks and climbing all over people too.  After everyone (except Soo Soo) left, we got ready and went to Dad's concert.  The Moore County Choral Society was doing Mozart's Requiem at Pinecrest for their spring concert.  It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  We didn't stay the entire time because Drew needed to eat but man, what a show.  Anne does an incredible job with the choral society and the production last night was no different.  We grabbed dinner at Moe's with mom & dad before getting on the road back to the beach.  Another weekend in the books.  Thanks to everyone that made Drew's Baptism special.....Love you all!

He loves doing this these days

And occasionally this....

But mostly this!

Getting ready.....

Being an angel for Mike

Mike & Drew

Mike, Sassy, Drew, Becca, David & Papa

David, Becca, July, Drew & Bop

Sassy, Granny, Drew (pointing at his momma), Becca & July

David, Granny, Drew & Becca


Granny & Drew

Cousin, Cam, rocking Drew

Weeeeee!!  Matt & Cam

One of a series of hilarious pictures trying to get all to cooperate

Matt & Grey playing ball

Cam crawling on Paul

Cute Grey

Bekah "driving" Kileigh to the "sock store"

Drew and his Papa

Cam sharing with Jackson

Now, Cam SITTING on Jackson

Dad's Moore County Choral Society Concert....Mozart's Requiem

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