Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2 month check up

Drew had his two month check up today....His stats are posted on the "Building a Fort" page on this blog.  The check up went well.  It is weird to go that long without a doctor telling you things are fine so I actually love going in to get confirmation that we are doing things right.  Anyways, he had to get shots today which I know hurt him....heck, they hurt me and I was just watching.  BUT, he was a trooper and cried for probably less than 10 seconds.  But those were some intense seconds!!  I did fine tears from me!  I did interrogate them as to exactly what kind of shots he was getting.  Carly (sis-in-law) has done extensive research on vaccinations in babies and sent me information on the best type of vaccines (lowest amounts of aluminum, which was used when they got rid of the mercury in vaccines).  Thankfully, everything she sent me was everything our pediatrician uses.  Yay.  Anyways, I'm going to make an attempt to take monthly pictures of Drew in the same chair to track his visual growth.  It will also be fun to go back and look at his outfits, because Lordy, he has a lot of clothes.  Definitely his momma's boy!
He really does have a neck....he wasn't interested in a photo shoot 

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Emily G. said...

love this idea! can't wait to meet that munchkin!!