Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Four Months Old

Our little man is already four months old and I cannot believe it!  We are continuing to do well.  Drew is a champ when it comes to lots of things and seems to be right on track in the development department.  He has been able to roll from belly to back for a couple months but won't always do it.  He's recently started rolling from back to belly and once he gets there, has no real desire to get on his back.  He has great head control and loves standing up on our legs/counter/wherever.  He is VERY vocal and has started this hilarious squeal that is usually accompanied with a big mouth-gummy grin.  He is realizing more and more that he has control over his hands and he often stares at them as if to say, "woah, I can move you where I want to??"  Usually he moves those hands straight to his mouth and nom nom nom's them for a while.  He's drooling puddles and loves to share his drool when you love on him.  He can play on his mat for a good 20 minutes and has a ball trying to do pull ups on his zebra that is hanging down.  He is showing more interest in toys and food.  He is still being nursed exclusively but that is about to change very soon as I have exactly 2 oz of frozen breast milk in the freezer.  I pump daily but can't seem to keep up.  We will probably start him on cereal soon so that might actually help me be able to pump a little more.  I guess we'll have to use a little bit of formula too since my two frozen bags will be used today while I'm at work.  Not sure why I'm a little sad about that....maybe because I feel guilty that I haven't been pumping enough or able to keep up, but the doctor today assured me that I shouldn't feel guilty.  You do what you've gotta do.  That goes for what my friends/family have said too.  Everyone is different and the baby will adjust just fine.  Drew has been awesome sleeping through the night and we are starting to push his bed time earlier and earlier (which isn't easy with my schedule).  But last night he slept from 9pm-7am.  I'd like to make his bedtime earlier but I usually don't get home until 8:30 and he seems to enjoy a little snack before going to bed.  Don't we all??  I know his needs will change once we try the cereal and we may be able to bump him back to 8:00 or 8:30 for a couple weeks.  I have next week off work so I'll have plenty of opportunities to work on this.  We went to the doctor this morning and he is right on track on the growth charts.  50th percentile in weight (14lb 14oz) and height (24.75in) and 90th percentile in head circumference (17.25in).  HILARIOUS.  He has no choice but to have a noggin considering his dad (self-admitted larger head) and his Papa (my dad....you should see his childhood pictures)!!  That is cool though....just gives me more surface area to smooch on.  The doc did say to "grease up" his cheeks to see if his redness goes down.  Good to know....I'll get on that.  AND, Head and Shoulders will help the little bit of cradle cap that he has!  

Waiting for shots at the doctors office

Handsome little man

Checking out Jackson

Someone is jealous of all the picture taking....

This last couple of weeks Drew has definitely gone through a growth spurt or a 4 month cranky period.  His crankiness is relatively good and tolerable considering some stories I've heard but still, when you can't console your child, it is hard.  I don't know if he feels bad, is still hungry (I've been concerned about my supply), or just wants to be a crank-yanker.  Either way, he's a sweet thing and we can usually figure it out.  We were supposed to go home last Wednesday for a dentist appointment (for me, duh) but that was when TS Beryl was coming through and I did NOT want to drive home in pouring rain and be "out and about" in that weather.  So I hung here and it was definitely the right decision.  We had a good weekend just hanging out around here......Friday night I worked and we met Shane & Bekah at ENoodle for dinner.  Jaymie Danford and her family came in and Drew hung out in their booth for a while.  In fact, I ate my entire dinner, uninterrupted! Saturday, I had a photography workshop at 2pm in the Dunes Club with a photographer that I'd emailed about doing some pictures of us.  It was a great workshop and I'm so glad I took the time to do it.  I'm much more comfortable shooting in Manual, although I need a lot more practice to be able to think quickly on my feet.  David kept Drew and I met them at his mom's house.  She was keeping Liza and Margaret for the weekend so the cousins got some playtime while I was at my workshop.  We ran a couple errands in the south end before ordering pizza on the way home for dinner.  Sunday, David got up early and went fishing with his dad, Julia & Curry.  Drew and I hung out here and had a nice day on the porch, cooking, cleaning, etc.  We finished off the day at Sunset Beach, eating dinner with Bekah & Shane.  Kelly, Whitney, Jenna & Cleve stopped by on the boat and we had a nice time hanging out with them.  The tide was INCREDIBLY high that night (Full moon) and we are convinced it was higher than the tide at the "super moon".  Truly, it looked like you could leave the Wallace's dock and go straight out into the ICW.  For those that know this dock, know that is virtually impossible.  Pretty wild how the tides work.  We left there and got back home in time to get Drew to bed at a decent hour and get ready for the week.  We were supposed to have pictures done at Atalaya on Monday but it got rained out.  We are rescheduled for tomorrow and I hope the weather holds out.  I was so looking forward to these pictures!  We leave Thursday for Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia to celebrate EB's 70th birthday (Soo Soo's sister).  There are supposed to be about 25 of us there, so it should be a good (but busy) weekend.  A post on that will surely come.  Until then....check out my little stud....

New mobile...it's all wood and quite simple and lovely

Bored with breakfast....where's the TV??

New shades, courtesy of Target.  So they are a little big....so what?  I'm still cute. 

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