Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day & Litchfield Beach Visit

Last weekend was Father's Day and what a special day for David....his 1st of many Father's Days to come.  Drew can't write well, but together, we certainly let David know how much we love him and are happy that he is the dad in our family.  Drew, Jackson and Maddie wrote a sweet card for him we gave him a few things he needs (ie- boxers).  We fixed sausage biscuits that morning and spent the day hanging out.  Early in the afternoon we went to Bop's house to hang out with he, July, Jen, Curry and the girls.  The Martin's had to leave mid afternoon so Curry could go to the restaurant, but David, Drew and I stuck around for an early dinner.  We grilled burgers and had a nice dinner outside.  It was a nice, relaxing Father's Day.....the only thing that would have been better is if I would have seen MY dad on Father's Day.  BUT, we'll see him soon and the reality of it is....everyday should be Mother & Father's Day.....because they are special.  

On Tuesday, after practice, I drove down to Litchfield Beach to see the Givens/Gibbs family on their annual beach trip.  They were excited to meet Drew and I was excited to hang out with some of my favorite people.  David drove down as well and joined us for dinner and some play time.  He had to leave after dinner but Drew and I slept over so we could enjoy the beach and more time with them on Wednesday.  Klug, Hadley & Burns made the trip up from Charleston as well and we had the best time.  It is so nice to catch up with Emily & Greg, Spike & BethAnn, Klug and of course to watch all the kids interact was a  hoot.  I can't wait for Drew to be old enough to "hang with the big kids".  It was such a memorable day and a half and I'm thankful I captured a lot of it on my camera.  Nate and Abby are so much like Em and Greg.  Hadley and Burns are so much like Klug and Bobby.  I can't wait to see just how Drew turns out and how funny it will be to watch him interact with the other kids!! I'll let my pictures do the talking from here on out, but rest assured that we have had a great week and can't wait to see these guys again soon!!


Emily G. said...

great pics! loved kissing on little D!!

KOM said...

Becca, just saw your post on our blog. Zach George gets around, eh? A belated congratulations! Hope all is well. - Kelly