Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sheesh, Time Flies

I just noticed that my last post was about Father's Day!  What?? Sorry about that.  We've been awfully busy since then with work, play, a little travel and a lot of Drew.  For the fourth of July, we went to the Dunes Club with David's family.  Drew lasted until about 8pm but not quite long enough for the fireworks.  Oh well.  Next year! 

Drew also crossed the 5 month old mark and started eating solid foods (with flavor).  Veggies have been his food of choice so far, but that is probably because I haven't introduced him to fruits yet (I'm planning to do this tomorrow).  His sleep schedule has been fine....good days, bad days, whatever.  He's a baby and everything is new to him.....sometimes his belly hurts, he has gas, he poops, or he just doesn't want to be alone.  We fight the fight and get through it.  I think I'm really spoiled that he has been an incredible sleeper because his "bad" nights really aren't that bad in the big scheme of things.  He's chunking up and I love it.  He is starting to sit up on his own but I surround him with pillows since his balance isn't quite there yet.  He is really aware of what is going on around him and is more interested in his toys.  He will express his displeasure in an activity and let you know when he has had enough.  He is doing the Johnny Jumper like a champ and loves it.  I love it too because he looks hilarious in it.  He talks, babbles, squeals and laughs.  Lord have mercy, I love his laugh.  

 After the fourth celebrations were over, we packed up and went to Southern Pines.  We met Jayne & Darrell Simpkins for lunch on Friday so they could meet Drew.  They were home from New Zealand (their home for a year) and Stephanie and her fiancé Geoff came into town as well.  It was so nice catching up with them and Darrell shared enough pictures from New Zealand that I'm convinced The Forts need to visit that place!  We left lunch and took Drew home to nap.  Mom and I walked downtown to visit some shops and that place was buzzing in preparation for First Friday.  Such a cool little downtown.  I'm lucky to have grown up there.  The other reason for our visit that weekend was for birthday celebrations.  It was Karina's birthday that night so we went to Vito's (YES!).  The next morning we went to Chapel Hill to celebrate Grey & Cam's birthdays.  They had an awesome pool party with family and friends and we were so glad to be there with them.  We spent the night with them and enjoyed a little Elmo's the following morning for breakfast.  We got on the road quickly after that and made our way back to the beach.

We have been knee deep in camp the past two weeks.  Soo Soo keeps Drew in the mornings and I come home in the afternoons.  If David is able to get off work and come hang with Drew, then I go back to the gym.  If not, I stay with him the rest of the day.  I'm pretty exhausted but am VERY thankful I have a flexible boss and great help....even if it is only half the day.  Best of both worlds in my opinion.  Olga (our choreographer) has been in town for a week doing floor routines and she has been staying with us.  She is so sweet to Drew and very patient with the new baby in the house.  I'm sure it hasn't been the most peaceful visit ever, but thankfully she has children and remembers these times.  She also speaks to Drew in Russian and I LOVE that.  Anyways, here are some pictures from my trusty phone (way more convenient than my big camera).....



Emily G. said...

oh that last picture melts my heart! :) sleeping angel!!

LOVE the Toms too!

Skylar Apple said...

Oh my word! He has gotten so big! And he is adorable, Becca. Time goes by so quickly. Can't believe he'll be half a year soon! You guys look like you're just having an absolute blast with him. :)