Monday, August 6, 2012

Fort Beach/Baby Fest

Every year we have friends come into town to stay at Granny Sledge's beach house and every year brings another type of fun.  For a couple years, it was just adults.  Then it grew to mostly adults, pregnant Becca and a couple kids from other families.  This year, watch out.  We were almost taken over by children under 3.  It was fun none the less and we look forward to something like this every year.  My brother came into town with Cam early in the week while Carly and Grey were in California.  They joined us later in the week and Drew got to hang with his cousins all weekend.  Billy and Meredith came with William (2y) and Olivia (4.5months) and Brian and Liz Shelburne came as well.  Grandparents were in and out as well as Jennifer, Curry, Liza and Margaret.  I'll let the pictures do the talking (mostly kid pictures) but rest assured that everyone got some good play time at the 2012 Fort Beach Baby Fest.

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