Sunday, August 26, 2012

Don't blink...

This crazy life just keeps going too fast! All I've got are some random phone pictures and a few brain cells that haven't been affected by having a baby. We have been doing a little more of the same over that past few weeks....hanging with drew, working, and trying to enjoy the silly weather we have been having. A lot of heat, rain and now gorgeous temps with blue skies. David, melissa, drew and i flew to nashville, TN a couple weeks ago. Melissa and i had a gymnastics seminar and David had an outdoor/qdma convention in Nashville, the same weekend! Crazy! So we packed up and all went! Justin took us out for pizza night 1 and Ryan took us downtown for some drinks and music night 2. We hired a babysitter for the day and she graciously stayed until 11pm the night we went downtown. It was fun hanging with adults until almost midnight! Drew did great while we were there and was a champ on the plane again. Back home, We spent a couple days with cousins that were in town that we have not seen in a while. Debbie, heather, jennifer and their kids were in town and we had a lot of fun hanging with them. They loved meeting Drew and im sure he loved the attention that he got! We have enjoyed a nice dinner with Jay, Jennifer, Graham and Will Weaver at Snookys. We enjoyed a nice dinner with Billy and Meredith at Patios, sans kids. We are knocking out projects around the house (which seem never-ending, thanks leaky ceiling). Tonight, we are doing family night at the beach house and tomorrow we are doing lunch with a childhood gymnastics friend, Jason Troutman and his son Jax. Tuesday morning, drew and I are heading home (sp) for a dentist appointment and a short visit. Then it's Labor Day! Sheesh. Like I said, don't blink.

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Emily G. said...

I knew your life wouldnt slow down once you had a kid....but gosh I feel like it's gotten WAY busier!! Don't know how you do it, Momma!! :)

Love all the pics of Drew, but especially the first one with the adorable camo overalls!!