Tuesday, October 9, 2012

8 months 1 week

So I think we are mobile in the Fort Household....and by mobile, I mean, Drew is doing his own version of crawling.  It is not the perfect crawl, but it seems to get him where he wants to go....and this morning, I realized how unsafe our house might be and how attentive we will have to be during his play time. Nothing bad happened but that is due largely to my cat-like moves while holding a coffee cup and springing over an ottoman.  No injuries occurred to either party in this feat.  And the vase is now in another place. :)  A few friends have warned me about this....but most of you know how stubborn I am....and I have to learn some things for myself.  My parents warned David about this before we got married.....now Drew is learning the same thing.  Either way, I'll post pictures to prove it but for now, here is a very beginner version of his crawl taken a few days ago....it is AMAZING how quickly they develop from this point.  He is already so much better!  I would have gotten more video this morning but after peeing through his diaper this morning, Drew coughing and burping at the same time which equals throwing up on me, and the vase incident, I couldn't do much more.  Nap time maybe came 15 minutes early.  Anyways, I'm marking it here.....in his virtual baby book....that he is fairly mobile at 8 months and 1 week old.  Yikes.

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