Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Day

A local farm had their annual Pumpkin Day today and we decided to go check it out.  I'm not one of those unrealistic mamas who thinks that her 8 month old would ACTUALLY enjoy such a day, but I am loving this beautiful weather and wanted to take a chance that Drew would tolerate us going out there to see what it was like.  He WILL enjoy days like today in the next few years so it was good for me (and really good for David) to get a taste of things to come.  David was shocked at the amount of people, activities and general atmosphere at Indigo Farms today.  He had no idea it was "that big a deal".  Our goal with going also included maybe getting a picture of Drew in a pumpkin patch....but that didn't happen.  I had to work this morning and even leaving early proved a little too late for Drew's serious sleep schedule.  We got out there around 12:45 and strolled around the farm.  To get to the pumpkin patch you had to take a hay ride (which would have been cool) but Drew was not prepared to stay out there long enough to do that.  So we ate lunch at their cute little bakery after walking the grounds and found a nice haystack to get A FEW pictures on.  Little man was over it and ready to get back to his crib for his afternoon nap.  So he screamed the whole way out of there and as soon as he got back in his car seat, he was fine.  Happy actually.  We are such suckers.  Anyways, he is snoozing now and I am enjoying the peace and quiet.  Next year I'm sure he will LOVE all the activities they had today and I will too.


We also had a messy lunch day one day last week and I just had to get pictures.  We did go straight to the bath tub after this small sensory activity.  Since then, we've started eating shirtless in the middle of the tile floor.  


Score said...

He looks like Matt in that first eating photo. so cute! Can't wait to take ours to the pumpkin patch next year!

Emily G. said...

love the food pics!! I miss those days! (well, kinda :)