Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Drew's 1 Year Old Check Up

I CAN.NOT. believe that Drew is 1.  I just don't think of him as being around for an entire year.  With that, I don't feel like I've been a mom for that long.  It's been a great year and Drew is SUCH a great kid.  I can't wait to watch his personality develop even more but I'm thoroughly enjoying his cute self right now.  He is a sweet, cheesy, proud, hard working little boy.  He plays hard (with us or by himself) and moves everywhere.  He is opinionated with eating and will eat pretty much anything when he is hungry and nothing when he is not.  Good habit.  :)  He "talks" a lot and although WE don't know what he saying, HE knows what he is saying.  It is still pretty much babbling but can say BYE and HI on cue or at the appropriate times.  He still responds with a kiss when I ask him to say MAMA or KISS or LOVE.  He hugs tight and can point to "Mama's eye" and sometimes "Mama's nose".  He has been known to nearly tear off David's nose when they are playing on the floor.  He still loves anything that rolls including cars and balls.  He is currently infatuated with the elephant that we got him for Christmas....he can put the balls in the ear and they blow out his trunk.  He knows how to turn it on and does so about 100 times a day.  As usual, he likes to play with things that aren't meant to be toys....such as our phones, the remotes and recently my wallet (?)  We were fortunate to be given a Pottery Barn kids chair from a parent at the gym and our new slipcover with "Fort" embroidered came in last week.  He enjoys getting in and out of his new chair and will sit there and drink his milk for a little while.  He is so cute when he sits there because he looks like such a little man.  He is starting to dance and make faces (sticking out his tongue, cheesy face).  He is also gets really cracked up at certain things and just laughs and laughs (mainly at the dogs being on the other side of a door or gate).  He is ticklish and will crack up if you zerbert him.  He is getting stronger on his feet but is not walking yet.  Hasn't really stood very long without assistance but it isn't because he can't....he just won't.  He loves to swing and ride in his Tike Truck in the neighborhood.  He sits in it with his elbow up on the side much like any of us would drive with our windows down.  He can honk the horn too.  At the doctors today, he weighed in at 22lb 13oz and is 30.25 inches long.  Meaning he is just under 50% in weight and just over 50% in height.  We started him on whole milk today and he was fine with it.  He didn't drink a lot of it but I'm thinking its because it was in a sippy cup and not in a bottle.  I haven't decided if I'm just going to be done with bottles to make the transition or if I'm going to let him have milk in the bottle at night perhaps.  Suggestions welcome.  He is also using a paci but only for sleeping and in the car.  I'd like to drop that as well but sort of dread the process.  We are gearing up for his birthday shindig this weekend and are looking forward to seeing family and friends celebrate this sweet boy.  We sure are lucky to be his parents!

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Emily G. said...

cutest little dude!!!

as for milk suggestions - we stopped the bottles cold turkey (shocker, I know :) I have had a lot of friends hold onto that bedtime bottle a little bit longer before switching to a sippy, and I don't think you can really go wrong either way. doesn't he look so big/grown-up holding a sippy!?

can't wait to hear/see pics about his boot scootin' boogie party! :)