Saturday, February 16, 2013

Drew's Boot Scootin' Boogie

Almost 2 weeks have passed since Drew turned 1.....1 week has passed since his shin-dig.  Time really is a little too swift these days.  BUT, I was so excited when Pablo (our awesome photographer) called this morning to say the pictures were ready and we could meet to get them!  YEEEE.....I love them all and cannot wait to post a few here and share the rest on Facebook/shutterfly/dropbox.......wherever you might look to see them or get them.  To summarize, Bekah and I planned a cute "little" party for Drew....a country/western theme with no real idea of what activities you do at 1 year old party.  We had awesome decorations and I suppose we had good food because there wasn't much left of the chili bar, sliders, fruit pizza, etc.   We also set up a photo booth with some props and Pablo took great pictures of some of our guests (all guests were supposed to go get pictures....I didn't see some faces in the pictures but I guess its because the cowboy hats available didn't fit : /

So the party was at the Beach House and we moved in Friday to hang out for the weekend.  I took Friday off work to get things ready for the party and our guests coming into town.  Matt/Carly and my parents came to town Friday night and spent the weekend with us.  Beth and Michael Baker also came Friday night and it was SO wonderful to catch up with them for the weekend.  They are having a little girl in late June/early July and I cannot wait!!!  Anyways, the party was great.....a few good friends and family (and by a few, i think like 40+) came by the party and Drew was so great throughout the day.  The special attention was right up his alley and he really enjoyed his precious cake!  We had all of Drew's toys inside/outside (tyke truck, dump truck, four-wheeler, bubble machine, wagon, rocking horse) as well as bales of hay for sitting (or jumping up and down on).  After the party (and a big bummer moment when someone broke into a friend's car and took her purse in the public beach access), Matt/Carly, Beth/Michael, David and I went to Aspen Grille for a fantastic dinner that pretty much did us in.  Sunday we cleaned up, and eventually wen to lunch before all parting ways.  It was a great weekend with family and friends.....we are very thankful for our families who helped us pull it all off and taking turns taking care of Drew.  We are also very thankful for Pablo and his awesome photography skills.

Enjoy the pics!

The Little Details

The Faces we Love


Emily G. said...

great pics! love all the little touches and especially the photo booth with props! :)

happy 1st birthday to your sweet beautiful boy!!

ps - so excited to hear that beth is preggo!!

Skylar Apple said...

Oh! What a cute party! And Drew is absolutely adorable...seriously, what a handsome little man you have there. Can't believe it's been a year. That went by ridiculously fast...oh, why can't they grow up a little more slowly??? :(