Friday, July 26, 2013

Drew - 17 Months

I keep getting later and later with these posts.  I'm one week away from his 18 month mark and I'm just now blogging on 17 months?!  I'll keep this short and sweet because it was a busy and somewhat "tough" month with Drew.  Wonky schedules, teething and his new found independence have made for an interesting month.  Don't get me wrong....there were lots of smiles, laughs and fun to be had....but we've had our fair share of tears and tantrums.  To sum it up:

Weight - no real clue....28lbs maybe?
Height - no clue....but he has to be taller b/c he sits higher in his car seat now.
Head - large.
Food - becoming opinionated a little more these days.  Can eat anything and on any given day WILL eat anything. But the next day, he will only eat yogurt, applesauce and pretzels.  Weird.
Drinks - Milk with each meal and water in between....never done the juice thing and he doesn't seem to mind.
Words - Mama, Dad, Hi, Bye, Up, Yes, Nooooo, Eat, Hep (Help), Bop, and "Nyeeee" for every other word he thinks he can say but can't really.  Of course he understands FAR MORE than fact, when he follows directions, it blows my mind.
Mobility - He is damn-near running now.  He can climb up and down stairs with ease and prefers doing it on his feet.  Most of the time he will wait for a hand to hold but it won't be long before he dives into doing it by himself.  He can also climb into his high chair, onto the dryer door, and almost into his crib. Thankfully he has never tried climbing out of his crib.
Misc - We want to get rid of his paci tomorrow.  Are we crazy?  We might have a couple crazy nights but since we have gotten back to a normal schedule and less traveling, he is only allowed to have it at night or nap.....Where he used to scream bloody murder if we took it away, he merely wimpers and gets over it within seconds.  Suggestions on the best way to part with it (keep in mind, we are dealing with an unreasonable child that doesn't care what toy I can buy to replace this sacred item....I've debated waiting until that time comes....but I don't know that it will be any easier).

I'll update SOON with his 18 month pics!

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