Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sweet Summer

What a crazy month and a half we've had!!  After the Bahamas, we celebrated Father's Day with both of our dad's and of course, celebrated David and how lucky Drew is to have him as a dad.  We had a nice lunch at Bop and July's house and enjoyed the amazing weather.  After naps, we let Drew enjoy having control over the water hose for a little while.....

That following week, I was home a couple days to see Huggie and celebrate the life of his Dad, who passed away the day before Father's Day.  I wrote about that experience here.  After that, we spent the better part of a week with my brother and his family at Bald Head Island.  We had so much fun there and Drew, Grey and Cam will be a force to be reckoned with in a couple years!  We rode bikes, went to the beach (and got caught in a bad storm), rode golf carts around the island, blew bubbles, went to the park, celebrated Grey and Cam's birthdays, had an adult dinner,  climbed Old Baldy and just tried to relax.  It was a fun trip and we look forward to many more through the years. 

We came home from BHI on Wednesday the 3rd, to prepare for July 4th.  Every year, we go to the Dunes Club and do the golf cart parade and the Annual "July 4th Party" (as Liza referred to it when she was a little thing).  Slap full of people, food, drinks, bounce houses, music and the best view on the beach.  We have a great time every year because David's family comes down from Virginia and most of his local family make it out for the festivities.  Of course we leave before the fireworks because Drew goes to bed when it is still daylight.....and the Dunes Club doesn't do fireworks in the daylight.  

After the 4th, we had 2 weeks of our Beach Break Camp at the gym. It was a busy but fun two weeks with some of my favorite coaches and choreographer!  I wasn't in the gym as much as the pre-baby Becca was, but I still got all my work done for the camp and even got to coach a few rotations.  We did miss Kerri TERRIBLY though :( 


On Wednesday of the 2nd week of camp, Kileigh, Macy, Karina and Becky came to the beach for the day!  They packed their day full of activities including the aquarium, Hoskins, the beach and Crab Catchers.  We joined them at Crab Catchers and the girls were nice enough to let Drew carry their pink stuffed animals around.....and I'm sure he looked so manly doing it.  Those are some sweet girls that we adore and we were so happy to see them!!


The last day of camp, I organized babysitters for the weekend (David was in Athens, GA) so that I could head south to Savannah for a fun weekend celebrating Joy and her upcoming wedding.  Eight of us girls had a blast together and I'm so glad I got to know them before the wedding.  We had lots of laughs, plenty of drinks, a lot more "mom talk" than Joy needed and even cut a rug for a little while.  It was nice to have some girl time and give Sassy and Papa a chance to babysit for the weekend.  

This week has been much slower but with work and Drew, its still an adventure.  I did take off on Friday and went to visit Andrea (Allen) Grieve at Caswell Beach.  Her, BJ and Lily were in town for the week with her family.  It was SO GREAT catching up with them!! Can't wait until our next visit!!


Longest post ever.  I'll post some recent videos of Drew later.  

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Emily G. said...

yes it was a long post but I loved it! especially the picture overload of sweet D! :)