Thursday, September 5, 2013

So fast...

Summer ended in the blink of an eye.  Thankfully we live in a place where the summer weather continues long after the crowds are gone, kids are back in school and the days get shorter.  As for my "summer schedule" ending....I couldn't be happier.  I did not like coaching through the morning, getting home with only an hour of nap time left and I still had to eat lunch, do laundry, dishes, what-not and when Drew woke up, he was the energizer bunny.  I felt as though I had very little downtime with him or without him and I like our schedule better now :)  I'm back to working nights, but it truly works out better for us because when David gets home and I go to work, he gets some 1 on 1 time with Drew and they can develop their little dinner-bath-bedtime routine without the pushy mom getting in the way :)  I cherish nap time now since I get to put him down and get plenty of work-work done since I've gotten through most of my housework in the morning.  Next week, Drew starts "school" and I just can't believe it.  Yes, he is young....only 19 months....and he will be in a 2-day per week 2-year old class.  BUT, I think he needs some play-time with other kids and some influence from good teachers.  We have a blast but I really think after the transition, this will be good for both of us.  There is nothing easy about being a "stay at home mom" and although I work in the evenings, I'm a "stay at home mom" during the day.  It'll be a nice 2.5 hour break where I can get groceries without having to open the wheat thins box in the store to keep Drew from hollering down the aisles.  OR, I could come home and fold clothes without having my little helper scatter them around or shut the dryer door between EVERY.PIECE.OF.CLOTHING.  So anyways, as fast as summer went, I'm thankful we still get some warm weather to go along with our "fall schedule" and can get a good routine going for the year.

The last half of the summer was just as busy but just as fun as the first half.  I'll tell most of the stories through pictures...

I went to Rock Hill/Charlotte to visit Beth and baby Madeline and had the best time.  Michael was away at a wedding so Beth, Madeline, Mya (dog) and I shared a room (all but Madeline in the bed).  I got some sweet snuggles from the baby and the dog and cannot wait to get my hands back on that child.  I also got to do some shopping with my favorite shopping buddy (Beth...she is honest when asked her opinion and has a plan when shopping).

We met Joy and Wes for breakfast Sunday before I went home and it was nice to catch up with them as they prepare for their upcoming wedding.  

I also met Huggie for lunch on Saturday and cherished each second we got to catch up.  He had a  work meeting he had to scoot to which was probably good because we could have sat there all day talking about nothing and everything all at once.  

Mid August we bid our farewells to Gilly as she traveled across the country to Arizona State University on a full gymnastics scholarship.  We are proud of her dedication to the sport, her constant pursuit of excellence and her solid-as-a-rock competitiveness.  Miss you Gill!

Unfortunately, Drew knows which remote works on the tv and which ones don't.  He even points it correctly.  Oops.  

 His "cheeeeeese" face (if you say "cheesy" he will close his eyes real tight).  We need to work on that.  

We went on the boat with Bop and July and someone REALLY likes driving the boat.  Problem is, his feet don't touch the ground and 30lbs is hard to hold up when trying to control the boat.  

We manhandled the Children's Museum of SC.  His favorite spot was an old beat up bug with a big steering wheel.  

He went a week insisting on wearing his squeaky cowboy boots. I've owned the same pair of boots for 14 years and have replaced the soles once.  I LOVE that he likes his boots.  I HATE that I bought ones that squeak.  

David needed a suit so we took a family trip to the mall (Mistake #1).  Mom and Drew found the toys in the middle (Accomplishment #1).  Leaving to go back to find dad, resulting in a full out scream-fest (Mistake #2).  It's not worth it.  We were "those" people.    

Cow-Tipping at its finest.  

Drew's buddy, Jackson.  

We got all fancy for the fancy ball.  Good times for a good cause!  

Little afternoon cruise in the driveway.

Amazon is the best!  They delivered Goofy!

This really isn't good for the hip displaysia....I know Jackson was in pain b/c he would flinch ever so slightly....But he never once got mad or even lifted his head with concern.  He just took it....and I ended the "ride" shortly after this picture. 

Matt and Carly were at Ocean Isle for a week for Carly's family reunion so we went up one morning to play.  I didn't get many pictures of anyone else but snapped a few of Drew (and Sassy).  

In this picture below, he is signing "More" for more birds.  Um no thanks Drew.  

Little rainy evening dinner with the Bishop/Wallace families.  So good to see Bud, Matt and the rest of the family!  Someone (the smallest one there) didn't mind the rain and preferred to run in it....then proceeded to feed himself yogurt....which is why he was shirtless in the last few pictures.  

We had an end-of-summer party at Planet Fun instead of practicing one day....Drew joined us for about an hour and had a good time....especially on the slide. 

We also said our goodbyes to Faith as she joins the gymnastics team at The College of Brockport in New York.  We are so excited for the adventures that lie ahead for her!!

Some of the best coaches alive.  

We moved into the beach house for "Fort Fest" for a long weekend in August.  I did this over nap time and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  

While at the beach house, Drew picked up on some new fashion trends.  Hooded swim shirt with one ear sticking of your mom's socks pulled up high on your little leg and a seriously cute face to boot.  

Relaxing at the beach takes on a whole new meaning these days.  

After a good long weekend at the beach, we got back to normal everyday life....Santa PJ's in August and rain boots that are too small.  Cool. 

Swimmies and two floats.  In the living room.  

Totally disrupting life in the "touch tank" at OIB's museum.  He got reprimanded once (not by me) so we moved on to something else.  

First ice cream sandwich was a success.....thankful it was a mini and that we don't have these in our freezer.  

Sassy and Papa came into town over Labor Day and we had a great weekend.  We enjoyed the beach, shopped, David and I went to a dove dinner and I actually read a book!  Cheers to a good summer....and to a great fall ahead!  I'm so excited to take Drew to Indigo Farms, let him meet all the animals, pick a pumpkin, go to football games, maybe the mountains?!?  Oh the fun!

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Score said...

He's so cute, Rebecca. My little guy is growing up fast too! Since they're almost exactly a year apart, I look at your posts to see what our life might be like in a year. Being a parent is so awesome, yet so exhausting.