Friday, September 27, 2013

Busy Days....

Well, obviously this post is a little late.....but another month went by and Drew is now 19 months (and next week will be 20 months).  Since I'm late posting, I'll save the updates for the next (on time) post and leave you with these cute pictures of my little big boy.  Time FLIES.  

Another big update for this past month was Drew starting school.  He is attending TLC (The Lord's Children) at King of Glory Lutheran Church in NMB.  It is a great school and one of those places that feels like family instantly.  He goes twice a week and we are considering a 3rd day.  He cries briefly when I drop him off (b/c I must be so fun) but stops crying quickly and enjoys almost 3 hours of good playtime, learning, music and fellowship with other kids and some great teachers.  His teachers are Katie and Tabitha and they are wonderful and adore Drew.  It also gives me a couple hours to get things, shopping, cleaning, etc.  I haven't taken a nap yet but i'm sure that would be a productive way to fill that time as well.  These pictures are of his first day.....he doesn't seem thrilled about the pictures or the idea of going to his first day of school here....but this was THE ONLY DAY HE DIDNT CRY AT DROP OFF.  I don't think he realized what was going on.....

Other than that, I had a girls weekend at Figure 8 Island to celebrate Laura Hart's upcoming marriage.  It was a weekend full of laughter, relaxation, great food, drinks and fun. We stayed at the Edwards new beach house on F8 and it was amazing!  The bunk room is to die for!  I haven't laughed that much in a long time and look forward to her wedding weekend in October.  

Outside of that, David and I both are working quite a bit....both away from home and at home.  Drew continues to make us laugh and keeps us on our toes on a daily basis.  Occasionally we want to pull our hair out but all in all, raising him is such a good time.  Thankfully we both have a good sense of humor about it because without that, this job would be very very hard.  :)  I'll post more later!

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