Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Family Fun

The past couple of weekends we have been fortunate to hang out with family.  Last week, Matt and Grey came to visit while Carly and Cam went to California.  My parents also came to town to help out (because after planning the trip, Matt remembered he had to be in DC for a couple hours one day....which took the whole day to fly up and back).  So we moved into the beach house and had tons of fun.....beach, pool, aquarium, visiting the farm, painting pumpkins, watching tv while it was raining outside, visiting Murrells Inlet to see all the boats, shopping for "horsey" shirts and more!  Grey is such a sweet kid and it was fun to watch Drew's interaction with him.  We also snuck in one Aspen Grill dinner while Sassy and Papa stayed home with the boys.

This past Sunday, we packed up and met Soo Soo, Jen, Curry and the girls at Soo Soo's house in Whiteville.  Margaret and Drew played pretty well together since neither of them had any sound interest in fishing and Liza got to do some cool things with her parents (fishing, shooting a BB gun, etc).  Our dogs also had a big time and did way more than they have done in months.  Jackson actually got stuck trying to get out of the pond on a steep bank and David had to help him out.  Poor thing....getting old sucks.  Anyways, we ate a great meal, enjoyed some adult time and beverages after kids went to bed and hung out around Whiteville most of Monday.  David and I got back in town around 5pm and after getting Drew fed, bathed and in bed, I met some former gymnasts at the mexican restaurant to catch up while they were home on fall break.  So nice to see them and see how well they are all doing.

Lots of fun things going on this fall and two solid weekends with family make it that much sweeter!!  Now if I can only get Drew to quit crying at school, we will be doing great all the way around.

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Emily G. said...

you have one beautiful boy!!!

the mickey pics are precious :)

hope to finally see D again in Dec!!