Friday, January 3, 2014

The past 3 months in a nutshell….

Looking back on my last post, I can't believe its been almost three months since I've updated this blog!  It's almost too much to catch up on in actual posts….SO, i'll do a cliff-notes version of "Life's A Beach":

We did some ocean-front swinging….

Drew's school had a Fall Festival

Mickey Mouse was watching himself on TV

Mickey Mouse decided to go to Tabor City for Halloween

We bounced around, slid down big slides, ate candy, stole balloons…..

and had a hangover from all the fun.  

We went to SP to celebrate Mom's birthday with family at Downtown Grill

We became studious on our 21 month bday.  

We had school pictures that went well….

They went even better after the lollipops came out.  

We cooked a pig for the NC State/ECU game. 

We shared our drink with friends while eating lunch in the back of the truck.  

Drew's preschool had an awesome time making crafts for Thanksgiving

We got to enjoy our crafts while eating at TLC's Thanksgiving Feast

We decorated for Christmas over the Thanksgiving holiday while I had reinforcements (aka my parents)

We got mad at all the pictures mom tried to take….and the fact that EVERYONE got sick over T-giving.  

We enjoyed this view for about a month

We got a balloon reindeer at the Dunes Club Breakfast with Santa

We launched ourself right out of Santa's lap

And when we tried him again with the girls, he ran away as fast as he could.  

And because everyone was laughing, we ducked our head and cried. 

Thirty minutes later, we were all about Santa….."get on my level, Santa"

Peace out Santa….see you on the 25th!

Drew's preschool did an amazing Christmas program….look at those precious sheep!

Drew and his bff Izzy.  

We went back to SP and played in the park

Exchanged presents with the Raynor family
After a lot of planning and worrying, we SURPRISED Mom and Dad for their 40th Anniversary
Kids and adults enjoyed themselves at NOSH in Downtown Southern Pines

Family and friends enjoyed the slideshow and the Drew-show.  

It meant so much that so many people came out for their party!  

We played hard the "old school" way….in Sassy and Papa's driveway with no real toys.  Only a tennis ball we found in the yard.

After leaving SP, we stopped in Whiteville to celebrate with Soo Soo's extended family at Granny's house
The next morning, we exchanged gifts with the Martins

We got lots of stuff including a grocery cart!!

After nap, we got dressed up for Christmas Eve Service

The Fort men looking snazzy

We watched Liza and Margaret perform in the service

Then we went to Lissa and Todd's house to have dinner

We had some serious discussions with Glenn

Then got crazy and took our shirt off while singing and dancing with Snoopy.  That was the sign it was time for bed.  

Santa came!  Santa came!

Drew's very own "beep beep" that drives for real 

We laughed with Bop learning how to DUMP his treasures (an empty carton of milk waiting to go to recycling.). 

We drove to Clinton to hang with the extended Raynor family….had fun playing pool

And after Drew went to bed, we had fun playing Dirty Santa.  Such a hilarious tradition.

The next night, we celebrated with Bop and July!  Cousin Ean and Eli gave Drew a real MICKEY BIKE…..He is too small for it now, but loves it!
Went back to SP to meet up with Dixie!! Love these girls SO much.  

Playing at the park with the 2nd generation Dixie folks.  

Went over to Alex and Becky's to celebrate Alex's 59 bday!

Rode a razor for the first time!

Had breakfast with one of my fav old friends, Stephanie and her new hubby, Geoff!

Celebrated NYE at Aerial Solutions with some great friends and Drew's first bonfire

We watched fireworks

And played as hard as we could on this ranger.  Little man was in heaven.  

This little man was TOAST by 8:30pm, so we called it a night and were in bed by 9pm on NYE.

That is a wrap for 2013.  

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Emily G. said...

You did it! You're all caught up! :) What a great way to start off 2014.

Btw - LOVE his school pic! And the bowtie on Xmas Eve. Such a stud.