Thursday, April 3, 2014

Drew is TWO!

The day I did Drew's 2 year old pictures coincided with "Pajama Day" at school, so what better PJ's to put the kid in than Mickey Mouse??

So we spent Drew's 2nd Birthday at Disney World with our gymnastics team.  Even though he probably won't remember it (maybe through pictures only), it was a priceless opportunity and one that David and I (and Louie and Janice) will never forget.  Seeing Drew meet the "real" Mickey (that talks to you) for the first time was THE BEST.  I'll try to post the video of it on here eventually but seriously, if you have a kid that likes anything Disney...GO.

For Drew's party, i wanted to have a few friends and family over to the Beach House for a lil shin-dig.  We had a Mickey-themed party (duh) and Drew was in heaven.  We appreciate everyone that came out for it and loved on Drew.  We sure are lucky to have such a cool kid and throwing a party that you know he loved is a good feeling.

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Emily G. said...

all the party d├ęcor & food is so cute! great job momma!! and omg that cake!!!!