Thursday, April 3, 2014

What in the WORLD??

I just clicked on my blog and realized its been more than 2 months since I posted.  That is ridiculous. I guess its obvious that its competition season in gymnastics, huh??

Since my last post on Drew being 23 months, we've done quite a few things.

*Hilton Head for a gymnastics David or Drew, so no super cool stories.  Good gymnastics and our kids did awesome that weekend.
* Took David, Drew and about 11 gymnasts on a Team Trip to Disney World.  Fun times were had by all.  The drive down and back was relatively uneventful considering we had a 2 year old on our hands.  Peeing through his diaper in his carseat was about as exciting as it got.  OH and the fact that we had to leave town while there were inches of ice on the roads leaving our county.  Disney was great....Drew hung in there and loved seeing Mickey and riding rides.  Wore us out for sure though!
* Had a great 2yo birthday party for Drew at the beach house.  Complete with a Mickey cake, big Mickey balloons and wonderful family and friends.
* Hosted Beach Break meet at our gym.  Got to see great friends and survived the weekend on little sleep.
* Had a gymnastics meet in Greensboro that started on Wednesday and got to coach two of our kids on the podium where the ATT American Cup was held.  Great weekend of gymnastics and got to hang out in Southern Pines a little bit as well.  Drew had a weekend with Sassy and Papa while David and I both worked away from home.
* Weekends at home are few and far between so when it happened, we nearly didn't know what to do.   Going to the farm, church, lunch with family and an occasional Sunday dinner with friends.  I feel like there has been a lot of rain lately so we've been doing inside activities which can get old in a small house.  Thankful for warmer weather now!!
* State Meet in Columbia.  Level 10's came in 1st, Level 9's came in 2nd, Level 8's came in 1st, Level 7's came in 2nd......and I was nominated for and selected as SC Coach of the Year.  (WHAT??)  Good weekend but happy to have states behind us.  Stressful meet!
* Bought Drew a swing set off of craigslist.  Getting it all set up now to enjoy in this great spring weather.  So glad we didn't spend full price on a swing set!  This thing is perfect for Drew and we spent less than half of what they normally cost.
* Drew is enjoying school still....doesn't cry when I drop him off (which is super nice) but I do try to sneak out when he gets distracted....otherwise he wants me to stay and play with him and his friends. His BFF is actually his teacher's daughter, Luca.  She is so sweet to Drew and he adores her.  We talk a lot about his classmates and teachers and I am hopeful that these kids will be in Drew's life for a long time.  Good kids and families.
* Drew's vocabulary has exploded.  He says everything whether you can understand it or not.  Full sentences and often with a lot of passion.  He is opinionated and polite when he wants to be.  Very good at saying "thank you" at the appropriate moments and loves applauding himself or anyone else on a job well done with a very fast "goo job nee nee".  He still loves Mickey but is coming around to other characters as well.  "Elmo Poppy (potty)" is a recent favorite along with Sheriff Callie.  Now that the weather is good he wants to spend every waking moment "Ow-hide" (outside).  He loves waving at anyone leaving the house in their "har or huck" (car or truck).  Developmentally, he is getting good at recognizing colors, shapes and animals.  He is great at puzzles, and loves to figure out how things work....locks, opening and closing anything, lids, tools, drawers, toilets, etc.  He has taken a new liking to books and stuffed animals and often requests to sleep with them during nap or bed.  He still uses a paci in bed and i'm so anxious to get rid of it.  I do feel guilty because of how incredibly attached he is to it (Papi) but am hoping to get rid of it after our cruise in a couple weeks.  His eating still drives me bonkers but for the most part he eats fine.  Still won't eat anything pasta related unless we randomly do veggie lasagna and he takes it.  But don't try to give him the leftovers. Screamfest 2014.  The weirdest thing is his crazy obsession with rice and beans from Casa Villa.  Devours a plate full of them but when I try to feed it to him at the house, he refuses it.  "NO BEANS!" But if we are in the car and drive NEAR the mexican restaurant, he says "Wice, Wice, Wice Beans" over and over and over.  He knows the owner of the restaurant by name (Joaquin...Drew calls him Ha-Keem) and his favorite waiter is Manny (Drew calls him Mammy).  Drew also has a new obsession with washing his hands ("boo soap mama" --> more soap mama).
*Some other words that Drew says that are helpful to know but often misunderstood:  "Pica" = So and So's computer (i.e. - Dada Pica!! = Dad's computer...there is also Mama's and Gigi's (edyie)).  "Gigi" = Edyie.  "Boo" = Louie or More, depending on context.  "Big Boo" = Lou (Louie's dad).  "Boo-Bees" = contrary to what you might think....BLUEBERRIES.  Get your minds out of the gutter.  "Wa-wet" = Yogurt.  "Ack-key Bike" = Mickey Bike....meaning "lets go outside".  "Hide" = Slide.  "Wee-Vee" = TV.  "Bee-Ya" or "Dee-Ya" = Bear or Deer.  "Boolk" = Milk.  "Wah-Hay" = Wash Face (part of his bedtime routine that he is serious about now).  "Phwee-You" = Peed or pooped.

Anyways, life continues to amaze me with how fast it goes by.  I'll try to be better at posting regular updates (yes, for ya'll...but also for myself to look back on).  I'm sure I missed something in this post, but I'll leave you with some pictures of the past couple months.  I'll post about his birthday separately....

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