Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Busy Bee & A possible new addition

Planes, Trains, Automobiles & Gymnastics.  Story of my life right now.  We compete from December to May and although April is MUCH closer to the END of the season, it feels like we travel way more than in the beginning.  I just got back from Nashville, TN where we had Level 9 & 10 Regionals.  We had a good time....flew in Thursday and flew home Monday.  The girls did well, but no one qualified to Nationals.  We were disappointed by that, but we will move on and work harder for next year.  We did have girls place on several events and considering it was the best kids in the 8 southeast states, we were proud of that.  While in Nashville I got to see Em, Greg & Nate the Great as well as Justin & Ryan Harris.   We ate dinner with the Harris boys (or met them out) every night we were there and I thank both of them for toting us around anytime we needed it.  When Greg & Em picked me up for breakfast they took me to this GREAT and popular place called The Pancake Pantry.  We saw Taylor Swift and Nate thoroughly entertained me while I got to catch up with Em & Greg. 

 That night Louie, Ryan and myself went to Macaroni Grill where Justin was working.  Ryan also works there but had the night off.  We ate TONS of great food on the employee discount and went to Dave & Busters to grab a drink with Emily (Justin's girlfriend....not Em Givens).  Saturday we were in the gym most of the day but we did go downtown for a very short while that night to celebrate Justin's B-day (the big 2-9).  We couldn't stay out long b/c we had an 8am session the next day but the crowd celebrated like it was 1999 without us.  The stories we heard the next day were classic but I'll leave that your imagination to save face.  Sunday we had two more sessions at the gym.  While Justin recovered, Ryan came to the meet to watch our last girl, Hannah.  He stayed for the most of the meet (which I was very grateful for) and then he took us to Chili's where Justin & Emily were waiting on us.  We had a nice dinner and got dropped off back at the hotel to catch an early flight out the next day.  It was so wonderful to see all the Nashville dwellers......old friends really are the best friends. 

 I'm recovering from that trip and will leave on Thursday heading to Atlanta for the weekend.  We have level 7 & 8 Regionals in Atlanta and hopefully our girls will do AWESOME.  The following week, we will head to Panama City Beach, FL for Prep Opt Regionals.  The week after that, David & I are going to Wichita, KS for David Glover & Ashley Shroyer's wedding.  SO excited about that but the 10k is a bad idea.....but it will be fun.....I think.  So, yes, busy bees I (we) are, BUT.....

On to the POSSIBLE new addition.  No, I'm not preggo.  We went today to look at puppies!  A friend of David has German Shorthairs for sale and they are PRECIOUS.  Seriously, so cute.  They are VERY well fed (borderline chunky bellies) but so attentive, un-afraid and just plain cute.  We haven't decided for sure if we are getting one (or two) but I'm all for it.  They are 7-weeks old so it will be some hard work for the next little while, but that is okay.  They are great.  Now, I'm sure most of you think we are crazy but David really does have a good set up out at the farm so what's one (or two) more dogs??  :)  

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Emily G. said...

Glad you made it home safely!! We loved seeing you and wished it could have been for longer than just a breakfast!

Wichita here we come!! :)