Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birthday Weekend!

My birthday weekend was busy but fun!  We started out on Friday by heading to Lake Waccamaw for the monthly Supper Club.  Sarah & Coke Gray hosted us at the Gray Cottage on Lake Waccamaw.  Its a beautiful old house big enough for the Gray Family (which is huge) so it was easy to entertain and feed the 13 of us.  It was great seeing everyone and catching up on life.  Saturday, David and I went out to the farm (after a brief stop into the gym....funny how on my days off, I still want to go in).  We played with the dogs and I went for a bike ride around the farm with Jackson & Maddie.  They ran more than they had in a LONG time so they were pretty pooped when we got back to the pack-house.  David wanted to "work" with Reba & Hank on hunting, obeying verbal commands, etc and he needed my help.  So we took them out (one at a time) and David released some quail from a recall pen he has out in the woods.  Both Reba & Hank pointed one good time.  David shot his pistol to give them the sounds they would normally hear and Reba did well.  Hank must be a little gun shy b/c he went crazy!  BUT, they both did pretty good.  They have a lot to learn but they have the attention span of a toddler, so we couldn't do it very long.  After the farm, we came back to the house and got ready for an early dinner at Collector's Cafe in Myrtle Beach.  It is a great restaurant and where went before getting engaged.   We were there at 6pm and there was literally ONE other person in the entire place.  We wanted to be finished in time to watch the Carolina game.  We left Collector's and went to Todd's house to watch the game.  Todd was way more entertaining than the game but the Heels won and that is all that matters.  Sunday, I woke up and met Louie & Laura to head to Columbia for the Prep Opt State Meet (last one!).  The girls did AWESOME and won first as a team.  We had 5 girls in the all around title and many individual event titles.  Even more impressive was the Regional Team.  This year, at the state meet, the top six in each level (regardless of age) will go on to Regionals and represent SC.  We had 4 in the top  6!  We also have a 9 year old who is the 2nd alternate (she was 8th).  It was awesome! So that summed up my birthday weekend.  We got home really late from Columbia (like 2am) and we had to work Monday afternoon but we are so proud of the girls.  I got sick Monday night (but managed to stay up and watch B-ball.....Go Heels!) and Monkey made me a cheesecake that we shared among those at the gym.  I stayed on the couch ALL DAY Tuesday, never got out of my pajamas and slept. My back hurts now from laying on the couch so long, but it did me a world of good.  I feel better today (although I can't really breathe).  Anyways, thanks for the birthday cards, thoughts, calls, texts, emails, messages, etc.  I felt so loved!  

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