Monday, April 27, 2009

Up In Flames

Myrtle Beach was on fire for a few days and yesterday, as we were driving back into town from Atlanta, we couldn't SEE any fire or smoke but we sure could smell it.  It was awful!  The fire burned around 20,000 acres and many homes.  Our gymnasts and staff who live in Barefoot Resort all faired relatively well.  Some of them told us their stories today and it is a blessing that they have anything left!  Tori, our boys coach and his wife Candace got out of their house when they couldn't see anything but black smoke and fire creeping up to their house.  There are 6 houses on their cul-de-sac and 4 of them are completely GONE.  Tori's truck is completely burnt, their air conditioner unit burned as well as some of their siding.  The fire did not penetrate into the house so all of their stuff is fine.  The other families did have a smokey smell in their house and one family in particular got out as one side of their house was burning.  That side was the only part that burned before it jumped somewhere else.  The damage was erratic and I'm so thankful that our families did not lose all......unfortunately, some local families did.  Keep our town in your thoughts......everything on the beach is normal.  Jackson, Maddie & I walked on the beach today and it was as beautiful as I've ever seen it!

This video (above) was taken from the Marina Inn at Grande Dunes.....CRAZY!

Tori's neighbor

Tori's Truck....they said it was 4 feet to the left of this when they left.

The side of Tori & Candace's house

A friend of a friend's house ......this page was found in the rubble along with diamond earrings, an amethyst, etc.

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